Can I Help YOU? (an exclusive, limited time opportunity)

December 5, 2015

Have I told you about how I came to be

About 6 years ago, I was unemployed and in the worst health of my life. Most of it was a result of a high-stress lifestyle. Restless sleep, low energy, severe digestive discomfort, and so on.


It was also the same time that I started to have massive anxiety attacks. At the time, I didn’t know it was anxiety. I really thought that there was something physically wrong with me that I actually had to take a trip to the emergency department. They found nothing wrong with me.

Eventually, they went away (I’ll tell you how shortly) and I found work. It wasn’t until two years later when a friend of mine told me about her anxiety attacks after the loss of her father. When she described them, it clicked. I was suffering from extreme anxiety.

During those 10 months of unemployment, I started to take complete control of my health. I researched my ass off and I started to make significant changes to my eating lifestyle. With a focus on plant-based foods, creating daily rituals to manage stress, proper supplementation, and even removing negative friendships that were holding me back, I began to see significant changes.

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You may know that I am in the process of becoming a certified holistic nutritionist. I started this process about two years ago when I wanted to learn how I could heal my body without the use of traditional practices.

Are you asking what is a Holistic Nutritionist?

In a nutshell, I guide people to use food and lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. I specifically focus on stress management, weight loss, and hormonal health. But, you’ll come to find that when you focus on real, quality nutrition, many aspects of your health will begin to change.

So, why the heck am I telling you this now?

I am opening up one (possibly two) spots in my practice as part of my certification process.

This IS meant for you if:

:: You are struggling with some aspect in your health and you simply need some help.
:: You’re fed up and you know that now is the time to make impactful changes to your health, for good.
:: You’re open to learning about new aspects of health that you may not have considered before.

This is NOT meant for you if:

:: you want a quick fix.
:: you don’t have trust and faith in yourself to make sustainable changes.
:: you’re doing this for someone else’s benefit.

This process is FREE and can be done virtual-style so it is open to ANYONE AROUND THE WORLD!

Does this speak to you? Email me today —->

If you’re not sure, that’s okay. This opportunity will come up again in early 2016.

Until next time,

XX Julie