{VIDEO} 4 Morning Rituals For A Calmer + Productive Day

August 22, 2017

This topic is nearest and dearest to my heart, friends.  I couldn’t wait to put my thoughts into a post for you on the key ways to invite more calm into your day. Beyond nutrition (and food), the lifestyle habits that I have invited into my life has changed my life.

I have battled with anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, and erratic sleep patterns for years, both in my twenties, and in my thirties.  In both a combination of poor eating and lifestyle habits, my health was in trouble, and it needed to be fixed. With poor sleep, how was I able to do my best work?  How was I able to engage with those around me?

I quickly started to incorporate different rituals into my morning, which normally starts at 4:50am. I know, that’s early. But I also know that I am at my best in the morning – my best ideas, and the bulk of my most positive energy. When you set up routines in our day, your body adapts and it is able to have a better sense of calm.  However, you also have to learn to be agile with the pace of life. Some mornings, for example, you might just need a few extra zzzz’s!

Below are the basic keys to my morning. Definitely, each day will differ. And, definitely, there are aspects that I haven’t included. For example, food!  But, here are the 4 Morning Rituals For A Calmer + Productive Day that I use religiously.

Meditation or Free Writing
Depending on what is happening in my work and daily life, it will dictate what I do when I first wake up. For example, if there is good flow to my daily work life or my energy is great, I find free writing or journalling the best. I find a lot of my best ideas come to me in this state and it can be an epic release of negative energy.

On the flip side, when my energy is tapped, I have any level of anxiety, or I have any form of stress in my life, meditation is ideal for me. I tend to use guided meditations because I can become quite distracted. Shockingly, you will find that you come out of a meditation recharged, more centred, AND you may also gain clarity on certain areas of your life.

Either through journalling or as part of my meditation, I think or write three things in my life that I am thankful for. Especially if you’re going through a difficult time OR if you tend to be a negative person, “gratitude can turn what we have into enough” (one of my favourite quotes!). But gratitude is an energetic shift. When you start thinking positively, you draw positivity into your life.

This seems like an obvious one, right? And it is but it’s incredibly important as exercise is highly stimulating to the body and it amps up our metabolism for the day. As my husband often asks “do you just feel like you’ve got so much more energy when you work out in the morning?”. The answer is a resounding YES. Now, we can’t always fit in exercise every morning but you should do your very best to schedule it. I do exactly this: week to week, I look at what I need to achieve for the week. It usually looks like school work, brand partnerships (ie. posts like this), exercise, meal prep, time with friends, etc. I then schedule them into my calendar and hold myself accountable for doing it.

Hydrating Morning Tonic
Last week, I shared my Morning & Evening Tonic For Restlessness and Mental Exhaustion. I received quite a lot of emails and comments on the recipe and where to find a couple of the key products which I will answer below.

There are three elements to the recipe:

Hydration: the very first thing everyone needs to do upon waking is to drink up to a litre of water. Believe me, dehydration is the catalyst to low energy. Low energy leads to less productivity in our day. So, I start my day with one litre of this tonic to jump start my day!

Nourish: one of the two key ingredients, sea salt, helps to nourish the adrenal glands which are best supported with the minerals found in sea salt. The health of our adrenal glands is critical during times of stress.

Calm: the second key ingredient in the tonic is a homeopathic remedy called, Pasconal. The key ingredient in Pasconal is Valerian which helps to calm the nervous system. It can be used for restlessness, mental and physical exhaustion, nervousness, and sleep disturbances.  It is an all natural approach to supporting your body when these symptoms arise.

About a month ago, I partnered up with Pascoe Canada to try their homeopathic tonic, Pasconal. I’ve been a big supporter of Pasco’s PascoFlair which helped my “monkey brain” to relax before bed time as I am typically a poor sleeper. I had epic results. So, when this opportunity came up to try the Pasconal, I grabbed at the chance.

Beyond using the Pasconal in the Morning Tonic, I use this remedy throughout the day. About 20-30 drops in my water bottle before or during an important meeting, and I do find my body relax, naturally. When you ingest the Pasconal, you’ll notice a subtle shift (depending on your issue at the time). If you have feelings of nervousness, this will be a natural remedy. For me personally, I tested the Pasconal for restlessness, mental exhaustion, and sleep disturbances – it was almost like this blend was made for me!

Now, this only comes in a liquid which wasn’t an issue for me since I’m always drinking water. You will taste the tincture so if you don’t LOVE drinking plain water, you may want to cut the taste with a bit of fruit juice. I personally love the taste, but again, it depends on your love affair with drinking water. I have a huge love affair with H20 so it wasn’t an issue!

All and all, a terrific product to support your body naturally. The product, in my natural pharmacy is about $22. You may not need it daily, so it is worth the investment.

To learn more about Pasconal and all of Pascoe Canada’s line of homeopathic remedies, you can head over to their website HERE. You can also follow them on Instagram HERE.

Here’s a quick little video I did to summarize these 4 Morning Rituals for a Calmer + Productive Day!

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