5 Signs That I Experienced When I Improved My Health

November 4, 2016


It was only six short years ago that I decided to take control of my own health. As a result of living a high-stress lifestyle, I was having severe episodes of anxiety, digestive upset, hormonal imbalances, and inadequate restful sleep. It was a total mess…

I had the unfortunate opportunity where I was laid off from a job for about ten months. At the time, it wasn’t ideal, but it was extremely impactful to my health as it afforded me the time to research ways to improve my health.

I converted to a 100% plant-based eating lifestyle which helped to heal my body. It was like a complete reset for my body! Along with proper supplementation, and amping up my yoga practice, I started to see some amazing changes.

Below, I have highlighted the 5 Key Signs That I Experienced When I Improved My Health along with additional signs that you may encounter along the way:

1) Increased Energy
Although this list is in no particular order, increase energy would be the #1 sign that you’re improving your health. Yay! If you’re waking up with more pep in your step, more sustained energy during work outs, or you don’t have that 3pm slump, then you’re on your way.

2) Improved Quality of Sleep
One of the keys to improving sleep is nutrition and specifically, managing blood sugar imbalances. So, if you’ve been amping up the high quality fats and moderate amounts of high quality proteins, you’ve just embarked on the quality sleep train. Woot! Woot! Suggested Read: 10 Ways To Amp Up Your Sleep Routine.

3) Less Moody and More Positive Outlook
This aspect can be from a combination of two things: you’re improving your blood sugar which lessens that “hangriness” that you may get when you’re not eating enough and/or not eating the right types of food (ie. quality fats and proteins). Or, if you’re pumping your body of nutritionally dense foods like organic greens and vegetables, you are literally feeling your body with natural energy versus chemicals and artificial ingredients from processed foods. Suggested Read: My 5 Best Sources Of Fat (Plus Recipes!) will help in managing blood sugar levels.

4) Regular Bowel Movements
If you’re waking up in the morning with the urge to go #2, then you should be doing the happy dance! You are helping to remove waste from your body that is likely full of toxins and waste that the body does not need to work optimally. This is generally achieved when you have increase your water intake, increased your fibre intake at every meal, and cleaned up your diet from offending foods such as gluten, dairy, and processed foods.  This post on How Do I Get Things “Moving” Down There? may help!

5) Weight Decrease and Less Bloating
Although I firmly believe that weight loss should ever be the primary reason that you want to embark on a health journey, it is an effect of improving balance in your body. And, for many of us, excess weight is what decreases our energy levels and disrupts our sleep. The key? Improving nutritional balance in the body which is eating a clean diet that is full of plant-based vegetables, moderate carbohydrates and proteins, and ample healthy fats.

Now, this isn’t a comprehensive list of signs as it can often vary from person to person. However, you may also experience the following:

– Clearer skin
– Stronger hair
– Decrease PMS symptoms (ie. bloating, irritability). If you do not have regular periods, you may also see an improvement in fertility
– Food cravings, especially to processed foods, sugar, etc, may decrease.
– Sex drive may be amped up!
– A decrease in stress, anxiety and depression symptoms.

Now, over to you: what are some improvements that you’ve experienced or are hoping to experience? Tell me in the comments below!