5 Signs That You May Be Headed To Burn-Out

April 29, 2017

I’m a Human Resources Manager with a large hotel (within a large chain) in Vancouver BC. It’s a great place to work actually – great people, ever-changing, and not without it’s set of challenges like any job. This job actually keeps me connected with the women that I work with – career-driven women!  I value that connection and I can honestly say that I truly understand the challenges.

Most people within my work tribe know that I have a passion for nutrition and I often get asked my opinion on healthy topics. And, isn’t it ironic that I have a focus on health and lifestyle solutions for women (and a few men) who are career-minded but in stressful roles. Very much like the women (and a few men) that I work along side in my day job.

I’m a curious and observant person. I take a good look around those within my work environment and I see clear signs of burnout and/or adrenal fatigue, every day.

And, listen up. I’ve been there. I am currently recovering from Adrenal Fatigue (which is burn-out) and a low cortisol diagnosis which is all inter-connected.  What the heck does that mean? Check out this POST HERE.

But, the deal is that I have had burn out three times in my 39 years on this planet. I work in a very mentally and often times physically demanding job (which I do very much enjoy despite the stressors!). Couple that with studying for my nutrition certification which has me up at 5am most mornings.

Well, it’s definitely a balancing act. It truly is. So, what does that look like? I’ll take you through the 5 Ways That You Could Be Headed To Burn-Out

I will tell you that when I was first diagnosed with low cortisol (our body’s natural stress hormone), I didn’t realized how low my energy actually was. When my naturopath gave me my diagnosis, I tuned into my body and realized that I was pretty f-ing tired. I could not get up in the mornings, and I couldn’t get enough sleep, despite 8-10 hour marathon sleeps. Chronic (or daily) fatigue is a clear sign that you might hit a wall and that wall being adrenal fatigue.

➾ Solution: get rest! Go to bed no later than 10:30pm, ensuring that you’re getting 7-10 hours of rest.

A Compromised Immune System
Are you getting sick on a regular basis? Have you taken antibiotics in the past few years to combat regularly occurring infections? It takes a lot of energy to be create some sort of equilibrium of energy. And, the body quickly becomes run down when these vital nutrients are being directed to maintaining your reaction to stress versus giving your body the nutrients it needs to maintain your immunity.

➾ Solution: Boost your immune system with supplements and a well-balanced diet. You can start with my 3-Part series on how I helped support my adrenal fatigue HERE.

A Short Fuse
In my previous adrenal fatigue states, I’ve found myself reacting to scenarios with anger when it wasn’t necessary. One of symptoms of low energy is that you can easily feel overwhelmed by everyday tasks both in your personal and professional life. You may feel tense and irritable at times. But, over the course of time, this can develop into feelings of anger. At the end of the day, suppression of anger is not good. I will tell you never to hold that shit in.

➾ Solution: speak to a trusted friend/family member, practice breathing techniques or yoga, or simply take a walk in nature.

Forgetful Much?
This was one of the most profound symptoms that I found before I even knew that I had adrenal fatigue. I literally would forget the most simple things and would find myself writing down everything, for fear of forgetting. And, in our careers, like alone our personal lives, that’s not a good thing. Proper rest, supplementation, and dietary changes are essential to improving this.

➾ Solution: You’ll need to read my 3-Part series on how I helped support my adrenal fatigue HERE.

Low Blood Sugar + Sugar Cravings
When I was at my worst with my burn out, if I wasn’t craving sugar, I was light-headed and feeling like I was about to pass out. I was also vegan at the time which was a carb-loaded bonanza which didn’t help to stabilize the situation. Unfortunately, sugar imbalances come with the territory with burn out / adrenal fatigue.  

➾ Solution: It’s import to increase healthy fats, and remove refined carbohydrates from your diet including sugar.  Need some help?  Download my FREE WEEKEND STRESS DETOX E-BOOK for some solutions.


Do any of these five signs point to you?  If they do, comment below and tell me what tips you’ll take to improve them!