5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Weekend Getaway

November 22, 2014

5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Weekend Getaway

James and I decided to take a quick getaway to Bellevue, Washington (a suburb of Seattle) for the weekend.  It is a about 2 hours from Vancouver.  We love the area. It’s close to the water and surrounded by lots of parks and away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle.

I’ll admit that I live a consistently healthy life and I really try to be conscious of that. It’s not that I am controlling over it.  It is purely the fact that I’ve created a lifestyle around my wellness goals and my body thanks me for that with more energy, mental clarity, healthy skin and so on.  But, let’s be real here.  I love red wine, after work cocktails, dark chocolate, chips, cheese, and the list goes on and on.  We deserve to indulge.  Life is short.

So, for those weekend getaways (and even longer trips), what do you do to find that balance of health and fun/indulgence?  I’ll tell you  my 5 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Weekend Getaway and I’ll leave the fun ideas up to you!

Holidays and short trips should be fun, you should indulge and at the same time, it’s all in balance. So, my key tips: I always keep my breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible and enjoy the fun meal in the evening. Depending on where we are travelling too, I always search out for a natural foods supermarket that may have a salad or omelette bar and perhaps even a smoothie/juice bar.

Here was my meal at one of my favourite places, Whole Foods Market.


Especially if you reside in the U.S., Whole Foods has a wide variety of cooked-to-order and pre-made foods and a wide variety of pressed juices, salads and fruit. I love the soups! (Try the vegan cauliflower bisque)

Check out the best of the best of healthy eating on the road (aka: my favourite restaurants and markets):

Whole Foods Markets (found everywhere) //
Chipotle Mexican Grill – Mexican inspired food with hormone-free meat, organic vegetables and vegan options such as the Sofritas (found everywhere) //
True Food Kitchen – locally inspired foods and caters to all eating types.  Sustainable fish, hormone-free meat, vegan/vegetarian, gluten and grain free options.  Dr. Andrew Weil helped to create the seasonal menus and I’ll take anything with his influence.  PS.  This is also where I spotted Deepak Chopra in the Santa Monica location!! (check the website for locations) //
Veggie Grill – All vegan, gluten and grain free options, organic available, seasonal and so appealing to meat-eaters everywhere (almost everywhere) //

Real Food Daily
 – Organic, plant-based cuisine using only organic farming methods. Created by Ann Gentry and with a very loyal following (in California only) //
Choices Markets – a grocery store but you will often find a salad bar, made to order foods, pre-made foods, local, organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, organic meats (BC, Canada) //
Nature’s Fare Markets – also a grocery store with made to order foods, pre-made foods, local, organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, organic meats (BC, Canada)


There are some apps out there that help you to search for organic food markets, produce stores and healthy restaurants. This Food Tripping App is exactly that and it’s FREE!



So, depending on the length of the trip, I always try to incorporate some exercise whether that be jumping into a yoga class or a local hike. But, for the purposes of a weekender-trip, how do you make that happen? Easy. James and I always try to stay within the downtown core or in an area where you can park the car and walk to almost everywhere. If you’re an early riser, take 30-60 minutes in the morning and walk to and from a local coffee shop.



Purna Zip Thru (Bench Canada) // Baddah C Legging (Bench Canada) // Solid Racer Back Tank (Bench Canada) // Nike Free Running Shoes

I have a Bench jacket that I bought several years back.  I remember seeing a girl on the sky train wearing it.  It had a high collar, a pop of collar and perfectly fitted.  And, PERFECT with a pair of good jeans or leggings.  So, I scoured the city and picked up a pair myself.

I recently got my hands on the above leggings, jacket and tank.  And I have to say, I was really impressed with the quality.  The cotton is so soft and comfortable.  The leggings were longer so there was ample room around the ankle (honestly, that was a nice perk). And, what I loved most about the line, is that they always have a variety of clothes for all seasons. Light jackets, heavy jackets. Long leggings, shorter leggings. And, so on. PS. I’m love the quality so much, I’ll be featuring it in my holiday gift guide!

I was in the local Nike store at University Village (home of the 2nd best Starbucks. That’s next to the #1 Starbucks in Portland that serves wine!).  Look how Nike promotes running in their local community:

IMG_1971 IMG_1972

A map of the best local runs and locals to store all your personal belongings!


Sorry my American friends but I find you’re sodium and sugar levels in your foods (and drinks) out of the this world. Travelling in Canada is a different story. But, since James and I live so close to the U.S. Border, we tend to do short and long trips in either Washington, California and Arizona frequently. That said, we have to keep a tank of water strapped to our butts to keep us hydrated! So, we keep a bottle in the car, hotel room and in my bag. Here’s one of my favourite travel companions:


This Toms double-glass, BPA-free hot and cold water traveller is a perfect travel companion.  These are sold exclusively at Target for the holidays only. Get it.  As always, Tom’s gives proceeds to charity!  That’s good karma.


I don’t leave home without my probiotics. It’s a must for travelling. Probiotics are healthy-living bacteria which help to keep your immune system at an optimal level. And, it will also help to ensure you bowels are happy which is essential especially if you are not eating the best.

DigestZenPBAssistPlus     DigestZen_15ml


I am a big fan of doTERRA’s PB Assist +.  It’s a double-coated probiotic defense formula making it essential for travelling.

And, to ease digestive upset, I always keep a small vial of doTERRA’s DigestZen Essential Oil (digestive blend) in my pocket.

Email me for details on these products at eatlifebalance@gmail.com!


Okay.  Now, it’s your turn.  How do you stay healthy while you are one a weekend giveway?