6 Natural Steps To Healthier Teeth & Gums (VIDEO)

October 10, 2016


Make no mistake, toxins are everywhere!  Some things we have absolutely no control over such as environmental pollution. But, then there are ways we can definitely make more conscious choices especially when it comes to our diet, the chemicals that we use to clean our home, the products that we use on our skin, and  the products that we use for our dental care.

There are various reasons why our dental care needs some consideration. Toxic build up in our body leads to illness, disease, difficulty losing necessary weight, infertility, and much more.  There are millions of germs and toxins found in our mouth that play an impact on our health if left untreated.

Additionally, conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes are full of toxic substances such as flouride and sulphates which do more harm then good.  Sure, they may destroy germs but you may be ingesting toxic substances that have the opposite affect.

I love this topic because there are such easy steps that you can take today that can assist your health in big ways.  Below are just 6 Natural Steps to Healthier Teeth & Gums that I want to share with you today that were incredible changes for me and I know that they will for you too! Below is a video but following it is the full post as well. Take your pick!


This was a life changing process right here my friends! Ionic toothbrushes try to force plaque off the teeth by friction. And, they help make the teeth let go of plaque. Now, those of you that have those electric toothbrushes are probably thinking they have the same effect, but they don’t. In fact, there are studies that say that electric toothbrushes do just about as much as a regular toothbrush. What I also love about the ionic toothbrush is that they don’t require batteries and electricity. They are entirely manual but use magnetic friction to remove plaque. Amazing!

You can get my favourite ionic toothbrush right HERE.

You may just find this next step a little rewarding. This incredibly simple device helps to remove excess toxins and bacteria from the surface of the tongue. What we often don’t realize is that all of unwanted bacteria gets trapped into the surface of the tongue. The rewarding part (although mildly twisted) is that you get to see what is on the surface of the tongue and help to remove it. You would scrape your tongue in the morning and the night.

You can get my favourite tongue cleaner right HERE.

Similar to conventional toothpaste, the same goes for mouthwashes – full of toxic ingredients that do more harm than good. Making your own mouthwash is an easy and affordable step to healthy oral care. A study conducted in 2010 showed that salt water is an effective way to kill oral bacteria. The saturated saline solution kills the bacteria by changing the oral environment into one not conducive to bacterial growth. Just water and salt can do that!

Here’s the recipe: 16oz of distilled or filtered spring water to 1oz of salt in a mason jar. I use the rinse before and after brushing, for thirty seconds each. That’s it.

{Insert happy dance here} Essential oils are not just for diffusers. You know that I use therapeutic grade, pure essential oils for cooking, beauty care, and now, holistic dental care. Many essential oils have antibacterial properties to them. For example, cardamon, clove and cinnamon are great bacterial fighters. Peppermint and orange do as well but they also add amazing flavours to homemade toothpaste OR to the mouth rinse above.

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Don’t be fooled by fluoride. There are so many studies out there that show the negative effects fluoride can have on our health.  When I box of conventional toothpaste says “harmful if swallowed”, I have a hard time running the risk of putting it in my mouth. And, now, with so many natural toothpastes out there, why wouldn’t you make the switch?  They are just as effective, taste great, and healthier for you in the long run.

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One of the most well-rounded holistic practice (in my personal opinion) is oil pulling.  Oil pulling is when you take an oil (traditionally sesame oil but most notably coconut oil), and put it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, swirling the oil around and pulling it through your teeth. The oil works as a detoxifying agent, and is actually able to “pull” many of the toxins out of your mouth. The countless benefits of oil pulling are:

Whiter Teeth
Fresher Breath
Improved Digestion
Reduced Headaches
Cleaner Tongue and Mouth
Better Immune System
Healthier Gums
Reduced Plaque
Clearer, Softer Skin
Improved Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis etc)
Balanced Hormones


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