Hi! I’m Julie

I am a honest + passionate intention-setter,
career woman, yoga lover & fat-bomb junkie,
whose mission is to help women banish burnout,
to help them live a productive & inspired life!

I am the go-to gal for busy business women who want to improve burn-out, increase energy, and live an high-vibe life!

I am also a YouTuber, Blogger, and Health & Lifestyle Expert.

I‘ve been on my own health journey since 2010 when I suffered extreme burnout from my corporate job. It was also around the time where I experienced my first anxiety attack that sent me to the emergency room. As a business woman, it’s incredibly challenging to be able to execute in your career when you suffer from restless sleep, you’re energy is tapped, you have brain fog, and as a result, you’re completely uninspired and unproductive.

That’s why it’s my mission to work with women to resolve the underlying issues of their burnout and teach them techniques to manage stress and to take care of themselves first!

Most days, you’ll finding me working in human resources during the day, and working as a certified holistic nutritionist at night. There’s a lot on my plate. That’s why I ensure that I always take time to recharge with yoga, listen to podcasts, and get plenty of vitamin n (nature). And, that’s what I teach those women that work with me: less hustle, more intention, and a whole lotta success!


I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada with my handsome hubs, James. We don’t have children but I’ve promised him a fur-baby one day! On weekends, I’m doing yoga, meal-prepping for the week, sipping red wine, and hitting the hay by 10pm [it’s a must!].

I love to cook and you’ll find “healthified” pasta, pizza, and tacos generally on our plates most weeks.

I’m currently not drinking coffee (ugh!) but I love matcha or turmeric lattes loaded with F-A-T!

I enjoy learning about health, and I’m particularly interested in mindset work and meditation. I loooove listening to podcasts!

I don’t watch much t.v. but when I do, I enjoy watching re-runs of the Golden Girls, Friends, and Sex In The City!

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about moi. Make sure to say hello!

And, if you’re curious about working with me, you can learn more about that HERE.