Innovative Holistic Nutrition helping you to live a life with less hustle, and more intention!

Julie Pecarski, CHN, provides a full-service nutrition, wellness and lifestyle company offering a full-range of lifestyle and nutritional support to professional business women across all industries and age profiles. Julie delivers personal, one-on-one attention to every client and develops customized programs based on your specific needs, issues and goals.

What makes me, Julie different?
I’ve spent over 20 years working in the corporate world in both operations and human resources roles. I truly understand the challenges in health that many corporate driven people experience. My protocols take into account limited time challenges and I provide you with the tools to work around them.

I’ve also suffered from 3 bouts of burnout, leaving me exhausted, and with little zest for my career. This also resulted in hormonal imbalances and anxiety. My protocols look at the root cause of the client’s health concerns with holistic prescriptions to improve the core issue.

I have a no B.S approach to wellness. You’ve hired me to help you which means I will hold you accountable – that’s what you’re paying me for. I do give you a nutritional evaluation but I also look at squashing negativity and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your health and in your career.

I’m a bit of an urban hippie. I love expensive wine. Shoes are my nemesis. My husband would say that I spend too much money on my hair. And, I travel well. And I also love reading tarot cards. I have crystals in every corner of my room. I am an avid intention setter, and my meditation practice gets better and better everyday. These may be seen as woo-woo. But, girl, these are just vessels to remind us of the power that we have within us. They help us to get grounded, and to stay grounded.

These are also just some of the tools that I use to to cultivate more intention, and less hustle into your life. Let’s get started.

Below is a sampling of some of the areas that I specialize in:

  • Personalized Nutrition + Lifestyle Counselling
    Education regarding metabolism + digestion
    Improving gut health + immunity
    Balancing hormone levels
    Increasing Energy + Improving Sleep
    Food, supplement and health product recommendations
    Goal attainment and maintenance
    Health and lifestyle coaching
    Mindset Breakthrough
    Corporate nutrition, wellness and fitness programs
    Corporate health and wellness presentations
    Corporate events and retreats
    Certified Yoga Instructor [coming soon!]