Daily Health Ritual: How To Dry Brush

May 14, 2016

Self Care - Body Spirit

If you’re a follower on my Instagram page, you would have had the chance to see my 3-part post of daily health rituals or what I call “self-care Sundays”.  The image above was directed to the more physical practice that I hold every Sunday night and many of the days during the week.

One of those practices is Dry Brushing. Have you tried it yet?

We may often think that our internal organs do most of the detoxing, but our skin actually release 1/3 of our body’s toxins.  Our skin is our body’s largest organ so as we give our digestive system or perhaps the liver some extra special love with the foods we eat, our skin deserves a ‘lil loving as well!

So, what are the benefits of dry brushing?

    • Overall skin detoxification
    • Exfoliation (i.e. ingrown hairs) and improved skin tone
    • Improved circulation
    • Reduction of cellulite
    • Improved immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system
    • and, many more.
  1. Before You Get Started
  2. You’ll need to invest in a natural bristle dry brush like this one. The longer the handle, the better to get to those hard-to-reach areas. (PS. ditch the plastic brush. It will just irritate your skin)

This process should take 5 – 10 minutes so it’s not a huge investment of your time.

The best time to do this is right before you shower. Start at your feet, and gently brush towards your heart in long, sweeping motions.

For an added bonus, drop a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils, like grapefruit or lemongrass for a little extra detoxification and zip!

Brush gently over all areas and sides of the leg and foot, including the soles of the feet. Repeat over the same areas 6-10 times.

Once your legs are done, brush over your bum from the back up over the hip and outer thigh towards the groin.

Begin at your fingers and palms and working up towards your armpits and shoulders. There are many lymph nodes in the armpits, so give it some extra special love by working in gentle circular motions, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

In gentle circular motions, brush over your chest and gently over your breasts, moving down towards the stomach.

Brush in circular strokes around the abdomen.

Brush from the base of the back, up towards the neck and hairline, until you have covered every part of your body.