{VIDEO} ELB January Favourites

February 1, 2015

When I first started Eat-Life-Balance.com about five years ago, I would often do a five favourites post every month highlighting new products or brands that I often used in my life.  I always get asked questions about what foods I eat, my beauty regime, what I do for exercise, etc.  Educating others is so meaningful to me. So, if you can pick up just want tidbit of information that may provide something good to your life, then I am one happy person!

So, I’ve decided that I wanted to bring it back but this time, on Eat-Life-Balance-TV.  I’m really loving the video format.  It gives me an opportunity to connect more with the Eat Life Balance community. I’m excited!

In this ELB January Favourites (I know, I’m a little late), I’m discussing five of my new favourite products.  One is to help you sleep (plus, I’ll have an upcoming giveaway in February).  One is a new lifestyle practice that will literally take you 5 minutes! The third, is only for the ladies but I tell you, it’s going to impact you, your health, the environment and your wallet.  And, the last two, plant-based products for your beauty and your home.

Get watching now!

January Fav's