ELB’s Highlights of Summer 2013

October 5, 2013

I always take a moment to reflect at the end of each season.  The great thing about living in Canada is that you really feel the seasons change.  Our bodies adjust to the change in weather which also brings a change in the clothes we wear and right down to the food we eat.

In no particular order, here are my top moments of the Summer 2013!


~ Studies in Holistic Nutrition ~



In July, I began my studies in Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  It’s not easy as I am sure many of you know – balancing a full time career, personal and health commitments, relationships and so on.  However, I am so excited to be going on this adventure.  I am committed to my own health and I am equally excited to be able to share my knowledge onto all of you.



~ Fermented Foods and Sprouting ~


If you following me on most of my social media sites, you’ll quickly find out that I am big on fermented foods and sprouting.  In fact, you’ll likely see me actively promoting their benefits throughout the fall and winter seasons.



~ Madeline Violet Pecarski ~


In July, my brother and his wife welcomed their first child, Madeline.  I have yet to meet her but James and I are flying back home in September to meet her for the first time.


~ Heirloom Tomatoes and Farmer’s Market Finds ~

Seriously, what was I thinking not taking a leap of faith and eating these special gems a lot sooner?  I have always been an advocate for supporting our local farmer’s but this was the year in heavily promoting the benefits of local and ideally organic produce.

~ Purposeful Trips ~ 

I endeavor to live my life with some sense of purpose but enlightenment always happens when you are happily away on a vacation!  The summer started with our yearly pilgrimage to Portland, Oregon where I bought my Omega Juicer, feasted at Sizzle Pie and Veggie Grill and enjoyed wine at Starbucks!!  July brought a trip to Penticton where wine tours were on the mind and certainly accomplished.  And, in August, James and I took an overnight trip to the chill town of Whistler where Wanderlust was happening.


~ Top Blog Posts of Summer ~

In case you missed them this summer, here are the top posts that people couldn’t stop sharing on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter and liking on Instagram:


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~ 1st Year Wedding Anniversary ~




How quickly a year goes by and I relish in the fact that James and I have been together for almost eight years!  James is absolutely best person I know – resilient, light-hearted, immensely fun, handsome as hell and just the most supportive person that I know.  Thanks for a great year James!