Feeling Stuffy? 4 Natural Solutions for Sinus Relief

September 20, 2015

Feeling Stuffy

How was your summer?  It was just such a great summer for us in Vancouver – all sun!  A few weekends ago, James and I spent such a great day – the sun was out and it was relatively warm. The highlight was a long bike ride and then perching ourselves on a bench along the ocean.  Then, just before us, a whale came up for air and “played” in the water for about 45 minutes.  Right in front of us!  It was spectacular and a rare sighting in the harbour front.

Check out the view. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get a good enough shot of the whale.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.19.27 AM

Now on to today’s topic.  Sinus issues, stuffy nose, mild headaches, all of which are a result of sinus congestion.

My husband, James, has sinus issues that never seem to dissipate.  According to a doctor assessment that he had back in his 20’s, he found out that he only has one sinus cavity.  So, he’s often stuffy, has sinus pressure and in some cases, I wake up in the middle of the night with his snoring. Booooo!

Now, the one sinus cavity may certainly contribute to some of his issues but I don’t believe it is the source of the issues that he has had.

A stuffy nose, also called nasal congestion, occurs from a build up of mucus, swelling in the nose, sinusitis or even through certain allergic substances. It is caused due to inflammation in the inner membranes of nostrils.

Symptoms include:

    • A blocked nose
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Sneezing
    • Sinus pain
    • Build up of mucus in the nasal passage
    • Swelling of nasal tissues, and even eyes


Feeling Stuffy? 4 Natural Solutions for Sinus Relief:

1) Ditch The Dairy
Often people are allergic to dairy and then don’t even know it. Dairy is mucus forming as well which would help to contribute to sinus symptoms including a stuffy nose. Even though I generally eliminate dairy from my diet, when I have had, the next day, I am often stuffy and even get a headache due to the sinus pressure.


2) Steam + Essential Oil Diffusions
I love using essential oil diffusions to help purify the air or freshen up a room. But, essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus, have the ability to loosen up the junk in your nose! Now, I prefer to use a diffuser in my bedroom, overnight. But, if you don’t have a diffuser, you can simply take hot, almost boiling water, drop a few pure therapeutic grade essential oils in the bowl and inhale. Not only is it effective, it is a safer choice then using an over the counter medication or cream that may be toxic. If you’re interested in learning about essential oils, email me at eatlifebalance@gmail.com

Honey & Lemon Immunity Serum

3) Honey & Lemon Immunity Serum
This is my go-to “medicine” for the Fall and Winter. My digestion slows down with the season and as we all know, our immunity is connected to the health of our stomach and digestion. This serum is loaded with vitamins to boost your immunity. But, when it comes to relieving sinus congestion, this spicy concoction will help to clear you up and give you the boost your immune systems needs. Get the recipe here.

4) Nasal Irrigation Systems
Okay. So neti pots and any process that involves shooting water and saline up my nose kinda freaks me out. It reminds me of those days in my childhood when my brothers and I would be playing and they would push me under the water and I would inhale water into my nose. But, neti pots have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic traditions. And, in the day and age of trying to rid our homes of toxicity, why wouldn’t we choose a process that is chemical free and non-invasive such as this?

So, when the makers of the Naväge® Nasal Hygiene System sent me their handheld nasal irrigator that uses gentle suction (first of it’s kind by the way), I said, why not?  When I told them about the “freak me out water phobia-thing”, they empathized and said “just try it and see”.  So, I did and it was totally comfortable, I promise. I then had to get my husband to try it and here’s a little video that I shot about his experience: