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July 5, 2014


When I think of compression socks, I always think of long distance runners.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a runner even though I have a 3x weekly treadmill run on my calendar. I admire committed long distance runners.  In fact, I’m just a wee bit jealous of the commitment they have and seeing them speeding past me on the sea wall with their brightly coloured tight socks.  What the heck are those for exactly?

Well, here are just a few of those benefits:


Image courtesy of: Dr. Segal’s

Dr. Segal’s, a Canadian-based company, asked me to try out a pair of their compression socks.  Well, you know we’re always in full support of products that promote wellness and healing so I immediately said YES!

Check out the pair I picked out:


Recently, I asked the Eat Life Balance Facebook community what they thought about compression socks.  These are some of the many uses via my readers:

~ Running!  It helps to improve performance running and recovery.

~ Pregnancy swelling.  Yup!  It helps to reduce leg swelling common during pregnancy.

~ Varicose veins.  My mother suffered from varicose veins from her job as a nurse.  I wish these socks were around back in the day.

Dr. Segal’s has created a line that meets the needs of everyone from hockey players to medical professionals or to those that sit or stand for long periods of time.


I got to test these hot pink compression socks on a recent trip to Scottsdale, Arizona.  We love the Pinnacle Peak Park trail.  These socks are so comfortable and they fit nice a snug.  I was a little concerned about the indentation that may be left on my legs after I had them on for a couple of hours.  Guess what? Nada!  There was a slight crease but nothing noticeable.

I also got a lot of questions about the socks all along the 10 km trail. My hubby called me a “hot pink trail bunny” since I had a heck of a lot of pink on me.  But, don’t worry, Dr. Segal’s has a great selection of colours and patterns to suit your fashion needs.

You can find Dr. Segal’s via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Segal’s has generously donated a pair to one lucky Eat Life Balance reader!  As part of the draw, please include a comment indicating how you would use the socks.  For example, long distance running, travel, etc.

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  • Sheelagh

    I have wanted compression socks for so long! Especially to improve recovery after running. I have so many friends and family members that swear by them but haven’t gotten around to buying a pair. If I win this pair I would be beyond thrilled!

  • Anne Stewart

    I would use during pregnancy

    • eatlifebalance

      Awesome! Thanks Anne. ~Julie

  • Tracy Riley

    I would like to test the compression socks out during running. I have just started back running after a 2 yr break because of a foot injury. I would like to test and see if they would help with that, I’m thinking they would and also revitalize my legs! I am also thinking they would help my husband with diabetes, when he sits for long rides his knee will get huge with inflammation to the point of going to the Dr to get it drained, meds etc, what a fortunate thing for him if the socks would help. Whether I win this free pair or not. Thank you for bringing them to our attention and for sharing!!

    • eatlifebalance

      Tracy – thank you so much for sharing. So happy that you took up running again. I’m not a big road runner. I prefer trails and a treadmill but even that is hard for me. I look up to you!!! Fingers crossed for you 🙂 xxJulie

  • Tobey

    I have seen some people wearing them at ultimate frisbee, I would love to give them a try! 🙂

    • eatlifebalance

      I think the hot pink for you Tobey! xxJulie

  • Lynn Mathieu

    I would use the compression/performance socks for health reasons, since I have vericose veins.

    • eatlifebalance

      Hi Lyn. My mom hard varicose veins too. She was a nurse for many years so on her feet for long period of time. Is it the same for you or more hereditary? Thanks for sharing!! xxJ

      • Lynn Mathieu

        It is hereditary and I had been a dental assistant also.

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  • Saver Sara

    I’d use these for travel and sports!

    • eatlifebalance

      That’s what I use them for! Thank you for participating. Julie

  • Em Mahr

    I’d use the compression socks for running – I also find that they are great for long trips in the car or plane.

    • eatlifebalance

      Yes, they reduce swelling! Thanks for sharing….Julie

  • CloudlessMe

    I would use them for running

    • eatlifebalance

      Awesome. Thank you! xxJulie

  • JustPlainSuzi

    I would use them for running because I think they would help my performance (and look supercute!)

    • eatlifebalance

      And, super cute they are! Take a look at the patterns they have. Thank you for commenting!! xxJulie

  • I’m a runner and as I age it becomes more difficult to recover from intense training sessions. Compression is just another tool that I can use to make my body ready for the next long run or race.

    • eatlifebalance

      Agreed. Thank you for commenting! xxJulie

  • Sadie

    I would use these for running long distance.

    • eatlifebalance

      Yay! Finger’s crossed. ~Julie

  • Jenna O

    I would use them for travelling!

    • eatlifebalance

      That’s exactly what I used them for when I was travelling to Arizona. They worked out perfectly. ~Julie

  • Laurel C

    I would love this for running!

    • eatlifebalance

      Finger’s crossed! Thank you for participating. ~ Julie

  • Natalie


    • eatlifebalance

      Yay! My favourite thing to do. Thanks for sharing xx Julie

  • jillianwalker

    They are super cute! Perfect for running!

    • eatlifebalance

      They sure are! They have a wide selection of colours and patterns. Fingers crossed! ~ Julie