Got PMS? 4 Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally

October 3, 2015

4 Ways to Balance Hormones

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re going crazy about a week out from your period?

Hmmm, maybe you’re finding that you’re bloating like a beached whale (or at least feel that way)?

You’re face is breaking out like you’re a teenager!

Or, you just don’t have the drive to make sweet, mad love to your lover….

Ahhh, hormonal imbalances.  Yet, we’re often taught that the above symptoms are just a normal part of a woman’s life.

But, it’s not normal.  In fact, imbalances of hormones are actually detrimental to a woman’s long-term health and for many of us, this includes infertility issues and premature menopause, as examples.

In this week’s video ELB TV, I talk about 4 ways to balance hormones naturally.

Mentions in this video:

Estro Block + Liv D-Tox
I was provided these two naturally-derived supplements to try. I explain their benefits in more detail in the video above.  I have been using them both, simultaneously for the past two months. And, as I only promote products that have made an impact on my health or in my life, I can say that these supplements were very effective. If you are looking for a liver detox supplement (which I have taken religiously over the years), this is a great option.  You can learn more about this product HERE.  This product is also available in the U.S. HERE.