{InfoGraph} 10 Banned Foods That Every Canadian Should Stop Eating!

October 5, 2014

Many foods are eaten that are eaten on a regular basis are actually banned in many other countries (a few are banned in Canada, thankfully). If you are concerned, take a read and starting reading your labels.

The best trick – choose organic and/or support farmers and food producers that do not produce genetically modified foods or feed their animals GMO feed.

Here are ten foods that are banned around the world – and why.


  • Sheelagh

    Thank you for sharing this! Fortunately I don’t think I consume any of these on a regular basis but transitioning away from grocery-store packaged meats and processed foods wasn’t always easy. Seeing graphics like this reminds me that the hefty price tag attached to my wild-caught salmon and fresh produce is worth it. Thanks!

    • Julie Pecarski

      I totally understand. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to keep track of everything “bad”, right? But, like you, focusing on fresh, whole foods is the way to go. Hefty price tag included! Thank you for the comment! xoxo Julie