Mentally Exhausted? Why Supplementing Is Important!

July 30, 2017

I want to tell you a quick little story that continues to come up for me as I work with women both in my nutrition practice but even in my daily job. And, it’s all about the importance of supplementing, especially if we’re feeling mentally exhausted or even restless for that matter.

I just finished working with a woman who came to me looking at improving her energy levels, and in particular mental exhaustion. When I looked at this amazing women’s overall health, she was doing all the right things but needed a little extra help to amp up that energy. That’s all most people really need – just a little bit of help.

One of the contributors to her exhaustion was working shift work. And, when I looked at her supplementation plan, she was barely taking anything. The only thing that was prescribed to her was vitamin D – which makes sense to incorporate, but it’s definitely not the only thing especially if mental exhaustion is an issue.

The good news is that the recommendations that I made had impacted her quickly. Her energy had increased in so much that her hubby noticed the changes and decided to add the same supplements into his own regime. It’s an incredible success story to hear, that’s for sure.

I get this question a lot – why supplement?

I remember as a kid that my mother would give me a Flintstone vitamin every day. I look at that now and think “wow, that’s not a lot of vitamins”. But, then I remember growing up with a huge garden that we would literally eat out of every day – fresh, vibrant, vegetables in nutrient dense soil. We also didn’t go a day without eating a salad at every dinner meal. That’s a pretty unusual set up back in the 80’s especially when convenient foods were on the rise.

Is the quality of our soil the same as it was 20 years ago?

Is the vitamin content of those vegetables the same as it was 20 years ago?

The answer is a resounding NO to both. And, that’s one of the reasons why supplementing is important to help to ensure that you are getting the basics vitamins and minerals in order for your body to thrive.

But, there’s another key reason especially for those of us that experience symptoms related to stress. And, I will tell you that I am the biggest victim of this.

When we go back to the female client with mental exhaustion, when we put any level of stress on our body, other areas of our life can get impacted. For example, sleep. When you’re feeling mentally tapped, you may find that your sleep is restless? Tossing and turning, and perhaps worrying about the next day. I know that I do!

When these types of situations occur, then it is critical that we look at holistic measures and self care to help support the body. Especially when it comes to sleep, we may need aids to help the body to relax and rest so that we have the mental and physical energy to combat life’s issues.

Do you see how it all goes hand in hand?

My friends at Pascoe Canada, a homeopathic and phytotherapeutic line that I love and admire for it’s research and development, asked me to try their PASCONAL® homeopathic remedy. It was developed to support the body when experiencing sleep disturbances, physical and mental exhaustion, nervousness and restlessness. (I’ve had great success with their PASCOFLAIR®, particularly before bed so I trust that this will be just as effective!).

This literally came at the best time for me (God, I love when that happens). Pascoe Canada has asked that I try this beautiful tonic over the next month. I’ve been drinking it with my water or tea to help support my body. For me, right now, restlessness during sleep, and nervousness is where I need the most support, for a number of reasons. Circumstances in my day job have changed which is going to result in a lot more physical and mental stress. I just did two mediations for the first time in my career which took 8 hours to conclude and it required me to be on my game. On top of that, I am just finishing up my last two follow up case studies, which will then trigger my final exam. Yikes!

I will have two upcoming posts for you all which will talk about my experience using Pasconal that you should look out for:

A Morning Tonic + Night Time Support: I’ll be sharing my favourite morning tonic that nourishes the both for the rest of the day. Also, I provide some aides that help to support restlessness and sleep disturbances and some of the key ingredients that you can use.

Morning Rituals For A Calmer + Productive Day: I am all about rituals for both the morning and evenings so I would like to show you what I do to help ensure a calmer and more productive day. This is going to be fun and it just might include a little video!

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