My Favourite Holiday Essential Oil Blends

December 13, 2015


How is the holiday season treating you?

With no family between my husband and I here in BC, we’ve had to come up with our own traditions. After 11 years together, we’re still trying to create them.

For the past few years, on December 24th, James and I go up to the mountain and ice skate, enjoy a cocktail in the lounge and then go home to make a decadent dinner.

This year, we’re off to a resort and spa in Victoria BC. I know, what a Christmas!!

But, even thought we’re away from Dec 24th – 26th, I’ve managed to dress up our place so that we can get into a bit of a holiday spirit. It’s hard not to become a scrooge when I don’t have my family around and our traditions.

One of things that is an absolute must for me is diffusing essential oils in the home. You know I’m an essential oil fanatic right?

Scents evoke feelings. And, often times, those feelings come from our memories of good (and sometimes bad) times.

Here are 7 of my favourite essential oil blends that are continuously diffusing throughout my house:

Christmas: Orange (2 drops), Clove (2 drops), Cinnamon (2 drops), White Fir (2 drops)

Oatmeal Cookie: Orange (3 drops), Cedarwood (2 drops), Cinnamon (2 drops)

Entertaining Blend: Orange (4 drops), Lemon (3 drops), Grapefruit (3 drops), Basil (2)

Smells Like Winter: Orange (4 drops), Cassia (4 drops)

Holiday Bliss: White Fir (2 drops), Cassia (2 drops), Orange (2 drops)

Sugar & Spice: Orange (3 drops), Clove (2 drops), Cinnamon (2 drops)

Mulled Cider: Orange (4 drops), Cinnamon (3 drops), Ginger (3 drops)

I only use DoTERRA Essential Oils as they are the purest form out there. Learn more about these oils HERE or email me at if you would like a sample.

Until next time,

xoxo Julie

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