Nutrition Month GIVE-away: Oh She Glows Cookbook

March 8, 2014

Oh She Glows Give-away

In honour of nutrition month, I am giving away a copy of Angela Liddon’s long awaited cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook. (This contest is now over but thank you for checking in!)

Angela’s popular blog, Oh She Glows, has been inspiring readers for years with her plant-based recipes.  Angela has also chronicled about her life, her recovery from an eating disorder and her  journey back to health. Her recipes are innovative, yet approachable making it a great cookbook for those that are trying to incorporate plant-based goodness into their lives.  And for those of us living plant-based, this will become a staple cookbook in our kitchens!


  • Diana Millerick

    I never seem to have enough energy!

    • Julie Pecarski

      Hi Diana! I know the feeling. But, my energy levels increased when I improved my diet. Is that something you’ve considered?

  • Paula Aleksandra

    I’m trying to get off sugar and gluten. It’s a challenge! But I’m hanging in there. I’m making my own bread, buckwheat pancakes and so on. At the same time it’s a journey, getting to know my body better!

    • Julie Pecarski

      Hi Paula, “getting to know my body better” is such a great comment. I feel exactly the same for myself. What works for me, may not work for you so you have to find the time to find the balance. Thank you for sharing!