Our Favourite Wellness Apps (mostly FREE!)

November 1, 2015

Wellness apps

What in the world did we do before apps on our phones?  There are both good and bad elements to apps but in this post, it’s all goodness. No video games to distract you, just pure simple blissful goodness.

Today, I wanted to share with you our favourite wellness apps that I use on a somewhat regular basis depending on what I need at the time.  For example, jazzing up my meditations, amping up my gym workouts or just simple (but get to the core) conversation starters.  Most of these are free and the couple of paid versions are all under $5 (all available on iTunes but also available on other applications)

I’d love to know your favourite wellness apps. Can you message me below and let me know what you are using? Sharing is caring after all 🙂

The Four Agreements Cards by Don Miguel Ruiz
My ultime favourite book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This is a powerful book which reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. There are four simple, powerful agreements that we can adopt as guiding principles for our life. This app is an extension of the book and it will become your daily reminder so that you don’t forget those simple four agreements.

Price: $4.59 // Get it here

OMG, I Can Meditate & Omvana
By now, we know the benefits that meditation provides – it calms the nervous system, increases focus and decreases anxiety, improves sleep and so, so much more. Whether or not you meditate regularly or you’re a beginner, these two apps will help you to jazz up your practice or help you to focus. Both apps are free and provide several options for meditative focus (ie. sleep, manifesting, etc) and both have options to upgrade to get unlimited options throughout the year.

Price: Free + upgrade to unlimited options // Get OMGGet Omvana

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein
If you follow Gabrielle Bernstein, best selling author and modern spiritual speaker, you’ll want to download this app to your phone to wake up to a new affirmation every day. I set this reminder every morning so that I get an instant “knock-knock-knock” during the day. You can also choose from any of the hundreds of previous affirmations to turn inward and shift your perception. Save your favorite affirmations, and share with friends to spread the l-o-v-e LOVE.

Price: $1.99 // Get it here

Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App by Danielle Laporte
I’m a die-hard Danielle Laporte fan. I love her books, her website and weekly insights and she’s amazing to meet in person (if you get the rare chance). She’s balls to the wall honest.  Conversation Starters is an extension of Danielle’s book, The Desire Map (<—–pssst, get it). This app has 149 profound questions designed to encourage meaningful conversations with either yourself, your partner, your work team, your best friend or a group of friends. Since it’s an app, you can almost use it anywhere, right? The app also comes with 13 of Danielle’s favourite inspirational audios.

Price: $2.99 // Get it here

Simply Being & Relax Melodies
Let’s say you’ve got your meditative mojo already or you just need some relaxing background sounds to unwind, de-stress or focus. The Simply Being app provides background music and sounds with a few guided meditations available for free.  And, Relax Melodies provides sleep zen sounds and white noise for meditation, yoga and baby relaxation.

Price: Simply Being $2.29  Get it here // Relax Melodies FREE Get it here

JEFIT Workout
If you ever find yourself in a rut with your workouts, JEFIT workout may be your new best friend. I balance my yoga practice with about 3-4 days of gym sessions. Honestly, I hate the gym. Part of that reason is that it can be hard to mix it up to keep one engaged. So, when a friend recommended this app, I gave it a whirl. There is a tracker system to view your progress but I mainly use it for the various workout plans, some that require gym accessories and some that use your own body weight. So far, I’m digging it!

Price: Free // Get it here

Yoga Studio
I’m so excited about this app. It’s touted as the best yoga app out there! It’s a yoga studio in a class, literally. I love me some yoga but sometimes I just don’t have the time to run to a class or perhaps it’s pouring rain and I just can’t manage to hall my ass down to the studio. There are four key things about this app that I enjoy: full on workout sessions for whatever you are feeling; specific poses to focus on refining or maybe you want to target a specific area to help loosen up those hips; a schedule to so that you can plan your workout weeks ahead (that’s a smart thing to do); and, since it’s a yoga studio, there’s even some meditation sessions rolled up in there.

Cost: $3.99 // Get it here


Now it’s your turn – what are some of your favourite wellness apps?  Leave a message below to share with all of us!