Products I Love: Pascoflair Herbal Medicine

January 30, 2017


Recently, I shared with you my recent struggle with low cortisol and adrenal fatigue. I’ll be providing a few more updates on that topic in the upcoming weeks as I work through my protocol. However, what I can share with you is the herbal treatment that I have received specific to restlessness and sleeplessness that can come as a result of low cortisol, adrenal fatigue, and even anxiety.

The team at Pascoe Canada reached out to me to try their Pascoflair herbal medicine just prior to my recent diagnosis. Pascoflair is a traditionally used herbal medicine that works as a sleep aid in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress. Pascoflair contains Passionflower, which I had used previously for my anxiety. The extract is known to have a calming effect, relieves anxiety, and is helpful in sleep disorders and nervous tension.


Two things struck me at the time of receiving this product.  The level of stress in my life had increased over the past few months resulting in restlessness, and increased symptoms of anxiety. With a demanding day job (which is a good job at the same time!), managing a growing holistic health business (something that I love!), completing my nutrition studies, and well, daily life issues too and things have often come to a head.

The second is that my sleep and the quality of it, has increasingly gotten worse.  I spoke about this in my recent post called 5 Natural Solutions To Help Support Restlessness and Sleep where I described how my sleep had been consistently disruptive every single night for the past several years.  Years people, YEARS!

According to my friends at Pascoe Canada, there are several studies that support passionflower’s effectiveness for anxiety-related symptoms. Passionflower has been known to improve GABA – the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter (or signal) in the brain. Other studies have found that passionflower starts to exert its action within 30 minutes. You can read more about that study and it’s effectiveness on anxiety HERE.


From a sleep perspective, passionflower is a very important herb when it comes to sleep and for centuries it has been a known remedy to help with sleep disturbances, particularly in cases of stress and anxiety. Recent studies have shown that passionflower can reduce both chronic and acute anxiety.  It’s important to note that passionflower is not a sedative and it will not make you drowsy. What it does is helps you sleep by turning off all the anxious thoughts which are running through your mind at bedtime. You can read more about how this herbal remedy can support your sleep HERE.

Pascoflair is one of the safest herbs, and there are no concerns with side effects such as addiction or drowsiness.  It can be taken daily in times of stress or before bed. But, what I like about Pascoflair the most is that it can be taken as needed and it begins to action within 30 minutes.

Got an important meeting that is keeping you from natural sleep?  Try Pascoflair!

So how did it work for me?


When I first started taking Pascoflair, I was taking it two times per day.  I had my nutritionist’s cap on assuming, like most supplements, you have to take it regularly to reap the benefits.  My friends at Pascoe Canada reminded me that the supplement can be taken as needed. So, that’s exactly what I do.  I keep a pack with me and take one as needed.

The biggest results from taking Pascoflair has been with my sleep. It may not come as a surprise that since taking it, my sleep has improved by 100%. Yes, that much!  I am sleeping throughout the night and I am finding myself back to waking up early to do some personal work before heading to my day job which I hadn’t been able to do this since the winter started.  This has been essential for me.

Pascoe Canada has an extensive amount of resources on it’s site for research around Passionflower and Pascoflair, among their long list of other herbal remedies.  I even noticed that my Naturopath promotes Pascoflair!  You can follow Pascoe Canada on it’s Facebook and Twitter page.


Please note that this is a sponsored post.  I am being financially compensated for this post and I received a sample for review purposes. As I only promote products that I know, have personally tried, tested, reviewed, and loved, the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. I do not promote products that haven’t provided value to me personally.

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