Almond Butter Fudge (Vegan // Paleo // High Fat)

February 21, 2016


Hi friends!

You’re gonna love this recipe especially if you’re looking for a quick, tasty snack that doesn’t take a lot of effort. But, first, let me tell you the key ingredient in this recipe…

FAT. Yup fat.

This recipe includes one of two fats (or both): coconut oil and/or cacao butter, both raw and organic.  And, trust me, this recipe is super tasty!

So, you’re probably thinking why in the heck is Julie eating this? The biggest reason why is that I have been struggling with balancing my hormones as I go through my late 30’s.  In fact, as I share this, my cycle has shortened and that’s not good especially since for my entire life, I have always had regularity with my cycle.

Fat is essential in the production of hormones. That no-fat, low-fat diet that we were introduced to many years ago was detrimental to women’s health and many of us are paying for that now. Over the past two months, I have not been skimping on the avocados, olives, coconut oil etc but I’ve also had some help!

Recently, I started on Leanne Vogel’s Fat Fueled Program which I have been loving and the first immediate results were better sleep (which I was definitely struggling with) and having more sustained energy, longer without the need to reach for snacks mid-way through the day. You can get your hands on the program by following this link.


For me personally, I also have some lifestyle issues that I am dealing with that is also playing an impact on my health and I’m working on this.  Part of that process includes sharing that I struggle like many of you.  I began to studying nutrition because it not only interested me but I also wanted to take control of my own health and not have to resort to medications to mask the root cause of my health issues.  For example, when I suffered with high anxiety about 6 years ago, I didn’t want an anti-anxiety pill to cover up the core issues which were an imbalanced diet, a lack of self-love, and just general lifestyle issues. (Now, I want to preface this to say that sometimes medications are in order.  I just ask that you consult with someone, such as a nutritionist, that can help to identify nutritional imbalances to help support you in the process).


Wanna know more about why fat is not the enemy?  Read this article here.

Now, this recipe is definitely a snack or when you haven’t had enough fat to compliment your breakfast, lunch or dinner. For me, in my day job, the meals they serve aren’t necessarily complimented with the fats that I need so having these Almond Butter Fudge cubes around will definitely help me to meet my fat quota.

You can actually use any type of nut or seed butter in this recipe.  I actually made one recipe with peanut butter and tahini. And, if you are looking for a sugar free option, you would simply swap the maple syrup with stevia.


1/2 cup of cacao butter, coconut oil or even coconut butter
3/4 cup of nut or seed butter (almond, tahini, etc)
1 teaspoons of vanilla
2 tablespoons of maple syrup or 5 drops of liquid stevia
Pinch of grey sea salt

1) Add all ingredients into a sauce pan, heat of low-medium until everything has melted and is fully mixed.
2) Pour mixture into ice cube trays for the perfect portion or pour into a lined baking dish.
3) Refrigerate for 30 minutes (or freeze) and pop out of the ice cube tray or cut into small squares.


Now, it’s your turn: do you or don’t you incorporate fats into your diet?  Tell me why or why not in the comments below!