Cashew Cream ~ a Dairy Free Substitute

October 5, 2013

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Cashew Creme is a raw, dairy free substitute for anything that requires some lightening up but without all the calories.  I have used it in dips, on top of fruit (oranges and cashew creme is the best) and in soup.

It will only keep for about three days but if I make a large quantity, I will freeze it in individual portions.  Once thawed, you may need to whiz-it in a blender.


Cashew Creme

1 cup RAW and SOAKED cashews  *see note below

Filtered water


Once cashews have been soaked, place them into a blender and cover the cashews with clean, filtered water.  The water should cover the cashews about one inch.

Blend until creamy smooth.  It should have the exact consistency of creme, so if not, add a touch more water until it is.

Note:  the cashews will need to be soaked in the fridge overnight.  Cover the cashews in cold, filtered water.  If time is limited, soaking for a minimum of four hours will suffice.  The longer it is soaked, the smoother the consistency.