Coconut Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

January 18, 2014

Coconut Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

I fell in love with Matcha in 2013 and I perfected this awesome energizing smoothie recipe as a result of that love affair.  Give it a try!  Now, I’ve drastically tweaked that recipe and created this Coconut Vanilla Matcha Smoothie that you will love, love, love!

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea that is covered before picking to accentuate the color, then stone-ground after being picked and before being sealed into small tins. On it’s own, the taste of matcha is strong and vegetal – some people have described it as spinachy or grassy.

Blend it in a smoothie with a few key ingredients and the flavour balances.

My prediction is that Matcha tea will be one of the wellness trends of 2014 for many reasons:

    • high in antioxidants which fights off free radicals
    • calming effects due to the amino acid L-Theanine
    • boosts memory and concentration
    • increases energy
    • detoxifies due to high levels of chlorophyll



2 bananas
1 cup of organic coconut milk
4 dates, pitted
1 tablespoon of pure vanilla extract (or 1 vanilla bean)
1.5 tablespoon of matcha powder (add more after you have test-tried)
6 ice cubes

Blend & Serve