Energizing Nutty Orange Smoothie

September 17, 2016



I just took a week long trip down to Scottsdale and Santa Fe, and I gotta tell you, I was pooped!  I was trying to finish up a case study for my nutrition certification which had me up at 5am. I had some projects that I needed to get done at my day job, and, I was just trying to balance time for myself and my own health practice.  That’s also probably the reason why I came down with bronchitis a week before I left!

So, what do you reach for when your low on energy? What about when you’re trying to enhance your focus?

Let me guess…

Coffee, sugar, caffeinated soda, energy drinks…Am I right?

I get it. And trust me, I often reach for a caffeinated tea or coffee on occasion too. But, it’s artificial energy that is not going to sustain you in the long haul.

That’s why this smoothie is a great alternative if you’re feeling a little sluggish or you need a bit more focus. Plus, it tastes great!

There are three key ingredients in this Energizing Nutty Orange Smoothie:

Fish oil is the epitome of brain food and if you don’t have it on your supplement list, you need to today. It’s essential to get a supplement, in either a pill or liquid form (I do both) that has a formulated blend of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. EPA is the considered the “feel better” omega and DHA is the “think better” omega making it an essential vitamin to incorporate into your list.  I love the Mito-Omega Fish Oil from EON Therapeutics which won’t taste like fish. In fact, it is what gives this recipe an orange flavour.

Ground flax seed is also an omega fatty acid but it’s added to this smoothie as it is an excellent source of fibre. What I have notice with the women that I work with is that they have obvious blood sugar imbalances and when that happens, focus and energy tanks. Flax seed is an awesome ingredient to add to smoothies OR you could add chia seeds as well.

To piggy-back on the blood sugar imbalances, added healthy proteins and fats are essential to manage this AND to also sustain your hunger and to provide energy.  Collagen is where it’s at!  I put a scoop in my smoothie and coffee every morning and I’m pouncing with energy!


As I bonus, to ensure I am getting my greens, I also add in a scoop of EON Therapeutics Phyto-Fuel which is loaded with superfoods and plant-based proteins.  This blend is amazing for energy and if you’e athletic, you’ll want to get this powder incorporated into your diet.

My husband, who is a finicky greens-eater, loves the Photo-Fuel Blend and the Orange Mito Omega.  I was incredibly surprised when he started to incorporate the two (disclaimer: he does love orange flavour so that may have been the grab!)


1 frozen banana
1.5 cups of almond milk
2 T of EON Therapeutics Orange Mito Omega (it’s so good!) or any orange flavoured Omega oil
1 T of ground flax seed
1 T of raw cacao
2 T of your favourite nut butter
1 full scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen

Optional: 1 scoop of EON Therapeutics Probiotic Powder (amazing for gut health!) or EON Therapeutics Phyto-Fuel which has the probiotic powder, along with 29 organic ingredients which includes vegan protein, fiber, grasses, a large variety of vegetables and fruit, and a blend of herbs that produce energy and promote recovery.

Blend and Serve (makes enough for 2 small smoothies)


About EON Therapeutics
EON Therapeutics nurtures a healthy culture and takes great pride in their unique combination of science and nature. EON Therapeutics’ sports nutrition supplements were designed specifically for active individuals that are aware of the importance of good nutrition and complimenting it with high quality, clean supplements. They credit their continued success to their guiding principles which have been constant themes throughout their history.