Homemade Almond Milk

October 5, 2013


For all you “nut” milk drinkers out there, if you buy store bought, have you ever read the ingredients?  Unfortunately, it’s not just almonds and water.  Depending on the brand, preservatives, sugars, and stabilizers are added.  That said, I’ve read the benefits and deliciousness involved when making your own and that is just what I did.

You need to use raw nuts such as almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts (hemp seeds and quinoa are also popular suggestions).  There is a much higher nutritional value with raw nuts such as Omega 3 fats which get compromised when roasted.


You will need to soak the nuts in filtered water overnight and ideally, for 24 hours. Once properly soaked, rinse and eat one! Most raw foodists out there will suggest that you soak your raw nuts, even for snacking – they are much easier to digest and more nutrient dense.



I cup soaked raw nuts

1.5 – 2 cups of filtered water

3-4 dates / or 2-3 tsp maple syrup / or sweetener of choice

Flavourings – such as vanilla, cinnamon, raw cacao, etc

Pinch of sea salt


* a nut bag is required for this process. Cheesecloth is an alternative but most reviews indicate that this method is messy and does not produce the creaminess that the classic nut bag does.



1. Place soaked nuts in blender with 1.5 cups of water.  You can add the extra 1/2 cup for a looser milk.

2. Blend for 1 minute at your highest speed.


3. At this point add your sweetener, flavourings, and salt and blend for a additional minute or when everything is smoothly blended.

4. Filter through nut bag.

5. Pour into individual glass containers and chill.  Enjoy!