{GIVE-AWAY} Kale & Hazelnut Pasta with Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains

June 21, 2015

KH Pasta 1

Earlier in the year, I saw this recipe posted by Christal from NUTRITIONISTintheKITCH featuring Catelli® Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains pasta.

I just had to get my hands on it.

In the time of grain free, paleo lifestyles (which I do like by the way), I still have to have myself a good bowl ‘o pasta.

There are three major draws to this pasta:

100% Canadian whole wheat.

100% non-GMO.

And, the third, is that it contains five wholesome ancient grains: quinoa, teff, amaranth, millet and sorghum. This product contains 75% of your daily recommended whole grain servings and 32% of your daily value of fibre per serving.  It’s also less starchy than a whole wheat version and packed with flava.

KH Pasta 2

So after I had researched this product and found out all about it’s amazing goodness, I received an email from Catelli asking me if I would be interested in trying their product and helping them promote an amazing initiative called Feed The Hope.  Coincidence? It was just meant to be.

For this campaign, Catelli is focusing on a lifestyle inspired by athletes and promote it through health and lifestyle bloggers such as Eat Life Balance. Catelli believe that it is not about diets, but about healthy eating along with overall wellness and fitness.  Me too! 

Here’s the kicker: Catelli® will donate a serving of pasta to a family in need for every person who likes or shares the Project Hunger page.

To start us off, I made this Kale & Hazelnut Pasta with Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains from Catelli’s energy-boosting pasta cookbook.  You can also get your hands on this cookbook and try out all their athlete-inspired recipes. Healthier choices while feeding the hope = a winning combination

KH Pasta 3

I made a few substitutions on this recipe.

I used basil instead of thyme
I sautéed the kale in olive oil to soften and added it back later with the tomatoes
Instead of lemon juice, I added 1 tsp of lemon zest for less acidity
And, since I had a little white wine left over, I added a splash of wine!

The original recipe is perfect.  Get the full recipe HERE.