Raspberry & Lime Chia Fresca

July 10, 2017

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and somehow, I gained a fever overnight. Not a good situation and I ended up taking the day off work which hadn’t happened in forever! It became apparent to me that the past couple of weeks were taxing on my body – I had some big changes at work, spreading myself too thin, and so on. You know, normal everyday stuff, right?

I’ve also noticed some seasonal allergies have surfaced which is likely in direct relation to my adrenal (burnout) issues.  Here’s something that you need to know when it comes to allergies and for those ladies that suffer with the same issues.

Most allergies involve the release of histamine and other pro-inflammatory substances (substances that produce inflammation). Cortisol, one of the primary hormones produced by the adrenal glands, is a strong anti-inflammatory and it helps to relieve inflammation.

The amount of cortisol circulating in the blood is a key in controlling the level of inflammatory reactions in the body. So, when the adrenals are fatigued (which mine are coupled with low-cortisol), it is more difficult to produce the additional amounts of cortisol necessary to adequately counteract the inflammatory allergic reactions.

Vicious cycle!

As a result of this, if you’re in the same boat, you should continue to manage your stress through yoga and meditation. And, you should especially pay attention to two things:

One, amp up the probiotics and probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, which I love! This helps to add more friendly bacteria into the intestinal system. This also helps to support the immune system which is critical to protect the body from allergens.

Then, amp up the vitamin C through supplementing and some moderate fruit. As I normally don’t eat much fruit due to the sugar content, I do eat moderate amounts of blueberries and raspberries and I encourage you to do the same. They are loaded with antioxidants which also help to support the immune system.

Hence, this bevie which is perfect for summer! And, just so you know, I have two more amazing summer drinks that are not only tasty as F***, but totally good for you! Check them out!

This recipe includes chia seeds which are incredibly high in fibre, and they are also full of omega 3 fatty acids which makes them incredible little nuggets!

I’ve also sweetened this will a little bit of honey simply because local honey is amazing for the immune system as well.  However, if you can simply omit and leave it to the raspberries to provide the natural sweetness.

Raspberry & Lime Chia Fresca

4 cups filtered water
1 cup of raspberries, frozen or fresh
2 limes
3 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp honey

Put everything in a blender EXCEPT chia seeds and blend for about 30 seconds.

Strain the mixture through a fine messed strainer.

Then add the chia seeds and blend at a very low speed, just to incorporate the chia seeds to ensure that there are no clumps.

Place in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes for the chia seeds to properly soak and plump up!

Drink away! You could also add a big of sparkling water to make it all fancy!