SPOTLIGHT ON: Dr. Nekessa Remy – Holistic Health Advocate

September 6, 2015

Dr. Remy

When it comes to holistic health, Dr. Nekessa Remy is the whole package.  She is a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, fitness trainer, and health advocate.  In her practice, Dr. Remy specializes in injury management through chiropractic rehabilitation.  Her real purpose: to ensure that a healthy lifestyle can be attainable to anybody who wants it.  We totally agree.  To this “super-doctor”, healthy living is a right, not a privilege.

Dr. Remy has countless accolades and is involved in many initiatives. Most recently, Dr. Remy has become a sports injury consultant for the Brampton Rebel Soccer Team and this summer she brought her skills to the Pan Am Games Medical Team.

We are so delighted to put the spotlight on such a dynamic and inspiring person in the health industry!  Dr. Remy will give us a glimpse into her daily health rituals, her favourite smoothie and a few small, mindful health tips.

Dr Remy garden

I was born in “the 6” aka Toronto but I currently reside in Mississauga, just 20 min outside of Toronto.

Favorite weekend past time?
Reading and Gardening!!! I love to read books that help me in my profession. A good murder mystery helps me stay relaxed. I just finished reading Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, I couldn’t put it down. My other favorite pastime is gardening. I built a garden last summer and didn’t have much success with my vegetables but this year my tomatoes, green peppers and kale are doing amazingly well. I never anticipated how much pride I would feel when I saw these vegetables growing. Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that what I put in body is really organic.

Essential eco-beauty products?
I like to keep things really simple. Epsom salt is my personal favorite beauty product. An Epsom salt bath leaves my skin unbelievably smooth, plus a bath at the end of the day helps me sleep better and nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a good night’s sleep.

Drink of choice?
Nothing beats a fresh smoothie. I love the fact that no two I make ever taste the same. Each smoothie consists of almond milk, whey protein, organic orange juice and either a vegetable or fruit medley. On the weekend I add some crushed ice and sparkling wine to a different medley of fruits and VOILA it’s a different Bellini each time!

Preferred form of exercise?
I recently started doing Barre. It’s a ballet based exercise program that really focuses on your legs and core. My calves have never looked better!

Favorite book?
‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett. Never have I read a book in which I was so completely engrossed in the characters. Obviously I wasn’t around during the 1960’s in Mississippi but the racial tension, the segregation, the fight for civil rights, I really felt a part of it reading this book. To this day I think about the main character, Aibileen and wonder how she would interrupt the race relation hardships that are occurring in our world today.

Proudest moment?
The day I opened my clinic, The Chiropractic Office. It was a few years in the making but worth all the blood, sweat and money! Having a comfortable space allows me to be a better doctor. I am able to create a healing atmosphere that allows my patients to feel comfortable which is so important when dealing with pain. This past March we celebrated 5 years of business and I look forward to many more years of service.

Describe a perfect Sunday afternoon?
Wake up late, head to the gym, go for brunch with my husband and spend the rest of the afternoon curled up on my couch with a good book. An evening of Netflix and binge watching the latest good show is the perfect end to my Sunday.


Now, let’s talk about what’s in your fridge:

It looks like you have a lot of vegetables in your fridge. What are some of your favorites that made its way from your garden?
My garden has done very well this year. The kale and tomatoes have been overflowing in abundance. My green peppers and cilantro have been nice additions to many meals. I usually have it with grilled vegetables and some herbs and spices and include them in a wrap or over a salad. Another personal favorite is stir fry, with a little bit of olive oil and some spices, stirred over a plate of quinoa, YUMMY!!!

What is the infusion in your water bottle?
On that particular day it was raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. I enjoy those fruits in the afternoon where as in the morning I use lemons or cucumbers.

I see a vibrant-looking smoothie. Tell us your recipe?
That was my fruit smoothie left over from lunch. My smoothies always have 3 ingredients in common.
1. Almond Milk
2. Whey Protein
3. Organic Orange juice

The 4th ingredient is my vegetable or fruit medley. On this day I used banana, peaches, and raspberries. I like my vibrant fruity smoothies in the afternoon and will often use different combinations of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, peaches and mango. I enjoy having a green smoothie in the morning; spinach, kale and bananas are my favorite. Especially since the kale is from my very own garden!

Almond milk. My favourite! Do you have dairy in your diet?
I do have some dairy in my diet. But I restrict my dairy intake to only one meal, usually lunch. I do love cheese and may add it to a salad or wrap.

What is one small, mindful tip that you could give readers on how you maintain a healthy balance?
We all make mistakes or fall of the wagon but the at the end of the day as long as the good decisions outweigh the bad decisions you will find that healthy balance.

What is one of your favorite “pocket book tips”?
Hydration is so important, so one of my favorite tips has to do with achieving your goal amount of water each day (as a side note to determine how much water you need keep in mind that for every 20lbs of weight 8 oz. of water is required)

My favorite tip is to have water with every meal and snack. I may mix it up by using an infuser to create fruity water blends, or just add lemon to get me going in the morning. But with every meal I eat during the day, I accompany it with water. At the end of day, I almost always hit my goal of 64 oz. of water per day.

For the Acupuncture skeptics, in one sentence, tell us why it would benefit our overall health?
Acupuncture is a non-invasive therapy that has been proven to treat every system in our body by reducing blockages and restoring proper circulation and energy to all of our vital organs.


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