Success with Ease and Joy? My Balanced Life Interview (Free Online Event)

October 22, 2016


Do You Want More Ease and Joy in Your Life and Work?

I’ve spent years and YEARS trying to find this myself.  I certainly didn’t do that well considering my energy tanked, anxiety was a daily occurrence, and healthy sleep wasn’t even in my vocabulary. It was so frustrating and from a career perspective, it probably halted my ability to take on the next step in my career.

Now that I figured that all out, I now work with women who are overwhelmed and exhausted but who want to show-up in their careers,  homes, and relationships instead of tanking the way that I did.

I’m participating in an amazing online conference alongside NYT best-selling authors, internationally acclaimed speakers, doctors, and acclaimed experts in the various areas that contribute to having a happy and healthy life. I absolutely love talking to people about small, simple and mindful solutions to feel a whole lot better than they do right now!

By attending, you will get practical and actionable tips and tools to help you overcome whatever is holding you back or standing in the way of your happiness.


It takes a set of learned skills to live a dream life, or just make specific changes you want and develop new habits. This interview series will help you develop the skills to have success in business/career and have time for fun and family. Don’t miss out on the experience of these life enhancing audio interviews. This is pure content, no pitches.

Join me for The Balanced Life: How to Easily Harmonize Everything in Your Life for More Joy and Energy at Work and Home.  SIGN UP HERE. (It’s FREE!)