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3 Natural + Non Toxic Cleaning Recipes

I always say that we put so much emphasis on the foods that we eat, the amount of exercise we should get, and making sure that we get those 8 hours of zzzz’s a night.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s really REALLY important.

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PRODUCT I LOVE: Brita Limited Edition ME to WE Water Bottle

True story the other day. A girl in the yoga class that I had just taken had just finished pouring filtered water from the tap into her cup. She kept the water flowing, while she sipped and talked to her friend.  I literally went around her and shut the tap.  She likely thought I was rude but I don’t care. Water deserves our respect.

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Products I Love – Veeda Fem Care


Veeda Fem Care-2

Let’s talk feminine products for a quick sec before I introduce this product. Now, this isn’t necessarily a topic that I’ve dived real deep into but it is something that I find myself very conscious about for two reasons:

  • Most feminine products contain an enormous amount of packaging.  If you’re using feminine pads, as an example, you have the wrapper, the sticker liner and the pad itself that gets dumped into our waste lands.
  • And, most commercial feminine care products use genetically modified and/or synthetic ingredients. When our body is our largest organ, and in some cases these products are inserted into our bodies, I’m very concerned how this impacts our health.

And, it does impact our health especially our endocrine system (hormones, isn’t that crazy)! Synthetic ingredients and perfumes have the ability to affect our overall health.

I’ll be completely transparent here and tell you that I primarily use the Diva Cup which is something that I transitioned to a couple of years ago and I never looked back. But…

I do use tampons and liners at certain parts of my cycle. Unfortunately, feminine care products are a necessary evil unless you choose a company that creates healthier products.


Take Veeda Fem Care Products.  They provide 100% natural cotton tampons and pads that are free of synthetics, dyes, or fragrances in their products and hypoallergenic so you know that it is going to be gentle on your skin.

From an environmental standpoint, the applicator free line is the best choice in reducing waster. Not to mention, if the applicator is a transition for you, it’s quite an easy process once you get the hang of it.

If you do use the applicator, they are BPA-free and the wrappers are completely biodegradable which is a super BIG win for me. And, hey, the package is pretty spot on and very feminine too!


To find VEEDA products near you, search HERE.

You can also follow VEEDA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

The 5 Ways That I Use Essential Oils (Plus, an Organic Aromas Review)


I’ve been crushing on essential oils for years, my friends.  Years ago, when I was struggling with stress and anxiety in my crazy-corporate job, I instinctively reached for essential oils.  I naturally knew that I did NOT want rely on anti-anxiety pills at that point.  So, I started to explore natural remedies such as a plant-forward diet, to more holistic approaches to managing stress. That’s where essential oils came it.

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Self Care + Coconut Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair & Face Mask



Happy weekend all!

It was a crazy week for me. I’m always is trying to manage my day job with my nutrition studies along with keeping this website up to date with amazing recipes such as this one!  For me, balance is essential but it can often be put on the back burner when I’m stuck in the chaos of life. Do you know what I mean?

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1 in 8 – Are You At Risk? + 3 Most Impactful Ways for Long Term Health

Right now, I’m enjoying an espresso, 1/2 caf.  As you may have read on my instagram page, I’ve been limiting my coffee intake.  This is for a few reasons which you can learn from this post.  It also features an ahhhh-mazing recipe for Decadent Superfood Hot Chocolate!

I’m in the business of serving others.  I truly am here on this great big planet of ours to help women find balance in their health and lifestyle.

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{VIDEO} ELB’s Healthy April Favourites

ELB April Fav's

It’s my favourite part of a new month – my favourite healthy products that I have tried, tested and loved!

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{Weekly Inspo Vlog} 3 Tips On How To Improve Tonight’s Sleep

3 Tips on improve zzzz's

A quick video, from me to you, on my {Weekly Inspo Vlog} 3 Tips On How To Improve Tonight’s Sleep. Plus, a bonus tip from my hubby + a free gift to you from @NaturalVitalityLifeNutrified.

Watch the video, then click this link to get hooked up:

4 Simple Ways To Detox Your Home (+ a Non-Toxic Everyday Cleaner Recipe)

 Simple Ways to Detox

Detoxing, cleansing, dieting, “watching what we eat”.  Terms we all know about and know the importance of helping to eliminate junk from our bodies.  When we’re not feeling our best, we often make adjustments to our diets to get us back to health or at the very least, feeling better.

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{VIDEO} ELB January Favourites

When I first started Eat-Life-Balance.com about five years ago, I would often do a five favourites post every month highlighting new products or brands that I often used in my life.  I always get asked questions about what foods I eat, my beauty regime, what I do for exercise, etc.  Educating others is so meaningful to me. So, if you can pick up just want tidbit of information that may provide something good to your life, then I am one happy person!

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