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3 Awesome Sugar-Free Substitutes


This is a guest post by Theresa Albert, health consultant, writer and speaker.

If I were sugar, I would be taking cover and either looking for a new job or finding a safe way to retire. Maybe partnering with newer, better versions of sweetness would be worth investigation because, everywhere I would look, the future will look grim. I would be reading the tea leaves and know that my days were numbered as North Americans continue to reduce their consumption of soda pop and governments crack down on how I am labelled. There is nowhere to go but down and out.

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Beat the Heat Tips + A Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Beat the Heat Tips

Welcome to summer! Canadians work hard for their very few and very short dog days of the season. My hope is that you make the most of them with delicious hydrating, high nutrient foods. Just for fun, take a look at what the Meteorological Service of Canada predicts the hottest day will be in your area. Then we can stock up on the high nutrient foods to keep you going.

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{GIVE-AWAY} Kale & Hazelnut Pasta with Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains

KH Pasta 1

Earlier in the year, I saw this recipe posted by Christal from NUTRITIONISTintheKITCH featuring Catelli® Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains pasta.

I just had to get my hands on it.

In the time of grain free, paleo lifestyles (which I do like by the way), I still have to have myself a good bowl ‘o pasta.

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Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep with this (+ A GIVEAWAY)

Natural Calm giveaway

I don’t think I have come across many people that haven’t had some difficulty with sleep.  Can’t fall asleep and left wide awake reflecting on life?  Fall asleep okay but wake up throughout the night and left wide awake reflecting on life? In any event, it sucks.

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Sexy Mood Boosting Chocolate


Check out my Sexy Mood-Boosting Chocolate Recipe on the AHAALiving.com site.


6 Unique Ways to Detox

In my latest post with AHAA Living, I’m talking about 6 Unique Ways to Detox.  From activated charcoal to bone broth, these are ways to help your body detoxify without having to do a juice cleanse!


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 11.46.46 AM

7 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions (that don’t involve the gym!)

7 Healthy New Year's Resolutions

This is a guest post from Spirit Charger, a new online guide to wellness that will inspire you mind, body and spirit!

It’s that time of the year again! It is time to form New Year resolutions, pin them on the refrigerator door, and share them on Facebook. So what did you resolve to achieve this year? Quit smoking. Shed a few unwanted pounds. Shop less. Save more. Pay off the debts. That’s an impressive list.
But, wait! Weren’t these your resolutions for last year? And the year before that? Didn’t you follow through with these resolutions? You didn’t.

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