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Vegan Vanilla Avocado Milkshake Smoothie


Hi Friends!

I’m just loving that Spring is here!  Aren’t you?

I’m sitting at my local coffee shop, sipping on a dairy-free matcha latte with the windows wide open.  I look across the street and see the patios opened up and people soaking up the sun. Everything is green and blooming. Ahhhhhh….

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Ginger & Coconut Vegetarian Fried “Rice”


This is a rice-less meal that uses shredded sweet potatoes as the “rice” with an Asian-inspired twist. Sweet potatoes are a low glycemic starch and it is rich in vitamin A. We’ve amped this recipe up with the addition of toasted coconut for extra fiber and heart-healthy fats. Feel free to add additional vegetables or pair with a salad. This is a recipe that takes minutes to make which is ideal for those nights that you are short on time.

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5 Signs That You Have Adrenal Fatigue (And, What To Do About It!)


Have you ever felt “burned-out”? Maybe you can’t get to sleep or you can’t wake up in the morning.  Maybe you’re constantly sluggish and the smallest issue becomes a REALLY BIG DEAL. I know that I have. In fact, I’m suffering with it myself as we speak.

I’ve been delving back into my nutrition books to learn more about this very common, yet rarely spoken about “burn-out” syndrome called adrenal fatigue.

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Almond Butter Fudge (Vegan // Paleo // High Fat)


Hi friends!

You’re gonna love this recipe especially if you’re looking for a quick, tasty snack that doesn’t take a lot of effort. But, first, let me tell you the key ingredient in this recipe…

FAT. Yup fat.

This recipe includes one of two fats (or both): coconut oil and/or cacao butter, both raw and organic.  And, trust me, this recipe is super tasty!

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Non Toxic Skin Care | Ayurveda | Food For Your Skin

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 9.29.04 PM

Hi Friends!

You know that about 5 years ago I made some significant lifestyle and diet changes in my life.  This was in response to the extreme anxiety that I was dealing with. At the time, I thought it was my high-stress job (and it certainly was). But it was also connected to my diet. So, I educated myself and made some significant changes to start the repair process and I succeeded.


It was during that time that I also learned about how everyday products that we use in our home can affect our health.  Skin care products are definitely something that you need to take a look at when you are embarking on a wellness journey. The chemicals in many of these products that the ability to affect our endocrine system.  In fact, we’re only beginning to learn about the long term effects that these chemicals will have on our overall health.

Today, I am so passionate about non-toxic skin care.  I am so delighted to have Lisa Mattan, Founder of Sahajan Organic Skin Care to talk about:

– the importance of non-toxic skin care;
– the popularity of ayuvedic principles and plant-food for skin;
– the best foods for your skin;
– and, a little personal look inside Lisa’s entrepreneurial life.


You can learn more about Sahajan Organic and Ayurvedic Skin Care by the links below:

Sahajan Organic Skin Care: http://www.sahajan.com
Get Sahajan on WELL.CA: http://bit.ly/1nIMeSK

Now, over to you: do you use organic skin care products?  And, if so, why or why not? Tell me in the comments below!

Goji Hazelnut Cacao Protein Bites

Title-Gojo Berry Bites

Recently on the blog, I’ve been talking about some of the hormonal imbalances I have been dealing with recently.  Here’s the thing:  hormonal imbalances and even symptoms of PMS (which are a result of hormonal imbalances) are an indicator that something is just not right.  What is also important to note, these symptoms, if not rectified now, could lead to issues later on in life.  For example, extreme symptoms of menopause.

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{Giveaway} Solutions for the Hormonal Crazy Train (but, you’re not crazy) {Part 1}

Mae 3


I’ve been quite open about some of my health challenges in the past and recently.  In my 20’s and early 30’s it was digestive issues.  Digestive “issues” is such a broad term and it’s different for everyone – for me, I struggled with bloating, acne, low energy, gas and anxiety.  Thankfully, I nipped those issues through a primarily plant-based lifestyle, high-quality supplements, a regular yoga practice and even surrounding myself with the right people.

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Maca Crunch Energy Bites


There is nothing better than a homemade energy or protein bite.  I could not stop eating these Coconut Matcha Protein Bites that tasted like creamy, white chocolate. But, there is no dairy in them! I actually made two batches in a one week period. Yum!

And, then there was the Raw Lemon Protein Bites.  Perfect.Snack.Ever!

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