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2016 Summer Favourites List (Part One)

It’s been a while…

Since I’ve posted a favourites video!! So, I decided to do a two-part series on my favourites this summer.  Some are summer appropriate but seriously, most I just love ALL THE TIME!  So, here is my 2016 Summer Favourites List (Part One).


This is all about my favourite products of the summer (so far!). All product links are below and keep you’re eyes open for part 2 coming soon!

Yerba Mate Tea – http://bit.ly/29SDuqv

Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins + – http://amzn.to/2aDbrIV

Grey Sea Salt – http://amzn.to/2aj3HhC

Sahajan Ayurvedic Skin Care – http://bit.ly/2akBPv4

Dr Roebucks – http://www.drroebucks.com.au

Organic Aromas Rain Drop Diffuser: http://bit.ly/29SCYZC
Truth Bomb Decks: http://bit.ly/2amfWZd

Vegan Vanilla Avocado Milkshake Smoothie


Hi Friends!

I’m just loving that Spring is here!  Aren’t you?

I’m sitting at my local coffee shop, sipping on a dairy-free matcha latte with the windows wide open.  I look across the street and see the patios opened up and people soaking up the sun. Everything is green and blooming. Ahhhhhh….

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Self Care + Coconut Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair & Face Mask



Happy weekend all!

It was a crazy week for me. I’m always is trying to manage my day job with my nutrition studies along with keeping this website up to date with amazing recipes such as this one!  For me, balance is essential but it can often be put on the back burner when I’m stuck in the chaos of life. Do you know what I mean?

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The ULTIMATE Detox Green Juice

The Ultimate Detox Green Juice

This is the ultimate detox green juice and it only has a few simple ingredients but it is damn tasty!

Now, I don’t juice as often as I used to but I still love me some green juice. I really only promote juicing in two ways:

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(GIVEAWAY) Essential Oils | Yoga | Mantras | Feminine Power

There’s nothing that I love more than essential oils, yoga and hanging out with my gal pals.  Toss all of that goodness in a book, and you’ve got me.

About a month or two ago, my online gal pal, Kate Fagervik, from LiveWithMoxy.com announced that she was releasing her self-published novel, NOVEL STUDY: A Woman’s Worth // A DIY Guide to Exploring your Inner-Verse.  

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.25.09 PM

I loved this book.

The book is meant to be a companion to Marianne Williamson’s book, A Women’s Worth but it’s also an amazing resource to tap in to your feminine power through essential oils, yoga, mantras, crystals and many wise words. So may good nuggets in this easy read.

To help with the launch of my new bedside companion, I sat down with Kate to learn more about her, her online boutique, LiveWithMoxy.com, her favourite essential oils, yoga poses, crystals and so much more.


Also, I’m giving away a copy of Kate’s book NOVEL STUDY: A Woman’s Worth // A DIY Guide to Exploring your Inner-Verse.  I’ll also be tossing in a few of my favourite essential oils so you can learn the power that nature can have!

In the comments below, tell me in what area you are most interested in learning about: Essential Oils, Mantras, Crystals, or Yoga.

Eat Life Balance 101 – Our Interview on Dr.NekessaRemy.com

We were so excited to be interviewed on Dr. Nekessa Remy’s site this week. She is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, fitness trainer and health advocate. She’s the whole package when it comes to holistic health.  Read my article Eat Life Balance 101 – Our Interview on Dr.NekessaRemy.com here.


{VIDEO} My Top Sleep Solutions

June Favs

If you’re like me and you’ve struggled with sleep issues now or over the years, this one’s for you.

I’m talking about my favourite daily supplement, my nightly beauty practice, an essential oil blend that will kick your butt to sleep and one of my favourite apps.

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4 Simple Ways To Detox Your Home (+ a Non-Toxic Everyday Cleaner Recipe)

 Simple Ways to Detox

Detoxing, cleansing, dieting, “watching what we eat”.  Terms we all know about and know the importance of helping to eliminate junk from our bodies.  When we’re not feeling our best, we often make adjustments to our diets to get us back to health or at the very least, feeling better.

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{Weekly Inspo Vlog} I’m Sick! And, Here Is How I’m Kicking it!


I'm sick image


I’m sick – YUCK! In this week’s Weekly Inspo Vlog, I’m talking about my tips and tricks to boost immunity and to get back to your normal self. xo Julie

Head over to the Eat Life Balance TV YouTube page to watch!


Healthy Eating in the Workplace + 12 Healthy & Simple Take-Away Lunches

12 Healthy & Simple Takeaway Lunches

March is nutrition month!  What a great initiative to help educate our community about how to eat and enjoy healthy food for a whole 30 days. I was recently asked by Choices Markets, Western Canada’s largest retailer of natural and organic food, to talk with my readers about how healthy eating in the workplace is possible. And, I thought I would also share 12 Healthy & Simple Take-Away Lunches.

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