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Creamy Pesto Pasta – dairy-free


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I love a cashew cream sauce.  It is my go-to sauce for creamy pasta dishes or my infamous risotto.  I was happy when a friend recommended this recipe since there is a plethora of fresh basil around.  The flavour is amazing and if you have picky kids/husbands like I do, they are not going to argue with you if they try this creamy sauce.  This could be both a side or a main dish keeping in mind that this recipe is high in protein and B12 vitamins which makes it ideal for both.  It can also be served hot or cold.

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Cauliflower Steaks with 5-grain Pilaf, Sautéed Spinach and Caramelized onions

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Some consider cauliflower to be fall’s superfood and I tend to agree with that claim. Cauliflower has antioxidant properties as it is loaded with vitamin C. It also contains vitamin K which is a regulator of our body’s inflammatory response which considering the season we are walking into, it may be vitally important during cold season. Let’s not forget the fibre contained in this cruciferous vegetable that is so important for digestive and intestinal support!

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Creamy and Dreamy Risotto ~ dairy free!


The good thing about risotto (besides how creamy and warming it is) is that you can add virtually add anything to it.  In this case, I added roasted garlic and made a lemony vegan Parmesan to sprinkle on top. I have also made a version of this with brown rice which produces a different texture and you must be patient, as it takes longer to cook.

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Delicious Red Lentil Soup


Enjoy this super simple, easy to prepared Red Lentil Soup.  Use the 30/30/30 rule: 30% for meals, 30% for leftovers and 30% for  the freezer!

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Roasted Butternut Squash Shells

When I was in Scottsdale a few months back, I had the most delicious vegetarian pasta made with sweet potato.  In fact, my guy was raving about it himself.  Although this recipe isn’t exactly the same (I will recreate it someday), this is a damn fine comparison.  Butternut squash can make a dish so luxurious especially when you slow roast it.

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Creamy Cannellini Pasta with Summer Vegetables

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This is such a great way to eat pasta.  Full of good protein, and the summer’s best vegetables are the highlight.  I made some adjustments: I roasted my garlic, and used fresh basil that I had on hand.  I also omitted the Spelt pasta and opted for Spinach Brown Rice Spaghetti pasta.

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Amazing Winter Mac & Cheese



I know, another mac & cheese recipe but I tell you, this is different.  This is made using roasted butternut squash (you could use pumpkin) which makes it so much more luxurious.

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Black Bean Mexican Tostadas



I am always on the search for a healthier (and veganized) version of a tostada so I had a few ideas and here it is!

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Mexican Taco Soup

It is snowing here in Vancouver and I have that warm, cozy feeling which warrants a great big bowl of warm, cozy TACO SOUP.

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ELB’s Top Favorites List

Top Favourite Things


Yes, it’s been a while.  My yoga practice is consuming me (that’s a good thing) and I am also three months away from my wedding so that is also taking up some free space (also a good thing but a little stressful).  Regardless, I am still always on the hunt for great healthy products for the mind, body, and spirit.  Here are my top five favs:

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