{VIDEO} ASK JULIE: Is Coffee Good or Bad For Me?

May 18, 2015

Is coffee good or bad teaser

Are you as confused as I am about this question: is coffee good or bad for me?

I had an ELB reader ask me this question the other day and I thought, well, I’m sure many other people are questioning the same thing.

Full disclosure here.

I drink coffee myself. Everyday.  In fact, I’m drinking a coffee as I write this post!  There is usually only one way that I drink my morning java:

bullet-proof-style coffee with organic almond milk, a drop of cinnamon essential oil, and a high-quality decaf/caffeinated organic espresso blended up.

So the answer to the question is: BOTH.  Yes it is good for you and not so good for you.  Damn right?

But, listen up.  I have some insight on how you should be drinking the joe in this quick little video on the Eat-Life-Balance YouTube Channel.