What’s in my….Pantry

November 1, 2014


What's in my pantry

What’s in my…pantry?  As you can see, my pantry is full to the brim of “stuff”.  In fact, this is just 1 of 2 pantries that I have.  But, next to my fridge, this is my go-to place for  most of my ingredients for smoothies and baking.  I can’t possibly go through them all but I’ll try and breakdown my top favourite essentials.

Greens & Protein Powders
Greens and plant-based greens and proteins are a must for me.  As you know, I’m a smoothie junkie and I often use smoothies as my breakfast meal or a pre/post workout meal.  Here are my favourites:

:: Amazing Grass Raw Greens (plain & chocolate)
:: North Coast Naturals Daily Greens
:: North Coast Naturals Hemp Powder (seeds also but I refridgerate)
:: North Coast Naturals Chocolate Smoothie Infusion
:: North Coast Natural Fermented L-Glutamine

Superfoods is a term used to reference a food/ingredient that has unique and beneficial properties. Most of the super foods noted below generally land in either my smoothie or chia bowls. Here are my favourites:

:: Cacao powder & nibs, for a chocolate flavour of course! But, also high in magnesium.
:: Chia Seeds, for omega fatty acids and protein.
:: Acai Berry Powder, a high vitamin C supplement.
:: Camu Camu Powder, also a high vitamin C supplement!
:: Coconut Flakes
:: Maca, is the ultimate energy boosting ingredient.  Great for hormonal imbalances.
:: Chaga Mushroom, which is known to be the highest in antioxidants.
:: Goji Berries, for natural sweetness and antioxidants.

(note: my hemp seeds, cholera and spirulina pills are stored in the fridge)

Salts & Sweeteners
Most of the sweeteners are used for baking or for my raw desserts and treats.

:: Raw Unpasturized Honey (always choose local)
:: Coconut Sugar
:: Stevia
:: Sea Salt, fine & coarse
:: Himalayan Sea Salt
:: Dates

I used oil on everything from cooking/baking, beauty care and I even add it to my morning coffee.

:: Cold pressed Organic Coconut
:: Avocado
:: Cold pressed Olive Oil
:: Sesame


Teas & Other
I’m a huge tea lover and it makes for a lower caffeine or caffeine-free alternative.

:: Chai (love Yogi Tea blends for everything!)
:: Green
:: Organic Matcha Powder
:: Dandy Blend (coffee alternative)


Baking Ingredients
Yes, an unusual list but to be fair, I haven’t been baking a lot. However, these are my favourites.

:: Gluten-free Baking Powder
:: Baking Soda
:: Xanthan Gum
:: Arrowroot Powder
:: Chickpea Flour
:: Mung Bean Flour
:: Gluten-Free Oats

Note: Almond Flour is my favourite but I do keep it in the fridge to retain its freshness.

Now its your turn. Tell me, what are your top 3 pantry items?