Who Inspires You To Be healthy?

October 12, 2014



Who inspires you to be healthy?

Am I right is saying that this is one tough question?

Here’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I received an email from Andrea, the Outreach Coordinator from Oscar Insurance who asked me this very question.  Oscar Insurance is based out of New York and they offer many features that help members to be proactive about their health.

Andrea did her homework before she emailed me.  She knew that I talk regularly about being our own health gurus.  In fact, Oscar Insurance is asking a group of influential bloggers to tell them and their followers about a person in our lives that help us do just that – the big question – who is your #HealthHero?

You may be surprised by my answer.


Ying and yang.

Yes, fear and hope are my inspiration to keep healthy, strong and vibrant.  At a very young age, I learned about death and loss.  My favourite uncle, who I had actually never met as he lived in BC and I in Ontario but we corresponded by letter and phone regularly.  When Uncle Ben was diagnosed with brain cancer and fought with a positive attitude, humour and a smile, it taught me how short life can be even for amazing people.  Unfortunately, he passed on.

During my young life, I learned about both my Grandfathers, whom I never met, both of which died of Cancer.  And, an Uncle, who died before he was 10 years old from another disease.  But, then Cancer inched its way closer to my life.  My eldest brother, Daniel.

Daniel is all energy and optimism.  He’s an avid outdoorsman and a businessman with pizzaz. So, when he was diagnosed and went through treatments, that’s when life began to look even more unfair.  Thankfully, with radiation, surgery and medication for life, Daniel is cancer-free.  But, then Cancer inched its way closer to my life.  Me.

Now, I didn’t have Cancer then nor do I have it today {insert GRATITUDE HERE}.  But, I have been going through treatments to remove pre-cancerous cells from my uterus since October 2013.  The good news is that it looks positive.  But, in the back of my mind, I kind of knew that this would happen since I’ve had “bad cells” in my uterus for years which now have to be monitored twice a year.  This will likely continue to happen for life but at least the outlook is good.

When there’s fear, there’s HOPE.


Our bodies are amazing. They have the ability to heal with a little bit of committment.  And, even if you’ve spent years not taking care of yourself, trust me, it’s never too late to start.  Here are a few tips and tricks:

~ Make meal prep a religion.  Spend one day a week (I recommend Sundays) for prepping healthy lunches and snacks.  If you have time to prep dinners, then do it!  Need inspiration?  Start here.

~ Practice bulk cooking so that you can save portions to freeze for later!

~ Short on time?  Smoothies are the easiest and let’s not forget, they can be a great meal replacement and high on nutrients.  Check out my extensive list of smoothies here.

~ Find balance.  I’ve learned that stress is the enemy and I’ve dealt with chronic stress and anxiety for years. My nightly bath ritual or when I’m short on time, my diffuser with essential oils have been my greatest gift.

~ Forgive and gratitude.  Forgiveness will release a lot of toxicity in your body.  And, when you start being grateful for the little things in life, you will see that you will create more space for even more good things.  I promise.

So, now, I’ve got to ask you a question:




What inspires you to be healthy? Who is your #healthhero?  And, if you have any tips and tricks on how to maintain health and balance in your life, please share in the comments below.