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Success with Ease and Joy? My Balanced Life Interview (Free Online Event)

October 22, 2016

Do You Want More Ease and Joy in Your Life and Work? I’ve spent years and YEARS trying to find this myself.  I certainly didn’t do that well considering my energy tanked, anxiety was a daily occurrence, and healthy sleep wasn’t even in my vocabulary. It was so frustrating and from a career perspective, it probably halted Read More–>

Pumpkin Spiced Almond Milk

October 15, 2016

I’m dropping in quickly this Saturday morning before I hit the gym.  I just wanted to share this simple and quick recipe. When I was back from my recent trip down to Arizona and Sante Fe, we did a little stop over to Trader Joe’s.  It’s a great place to grab organic produce, organic dairy, Read More–>

6 Natural Steps To Healthier Teeth & Gums (VIDEO)

October 10, 2016

Make no mistake, toxins are everywhere!  Some things we have absolutely no control over such as environmental pollution. But, then there are ways we can definitely make more conscious choices especially when it comes to our diet, the chemicals that we use to clean our home, the products that we use on our skin, and Read More–>

Healthy Poblano Chili and Bean Soup

October 10, 2016

I’ve been wanted to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico for years.  I’m not sure why. My guess is that for many, the area is a spiritual destination full of semi-precious stones and crystals and copious amounts of churches.  It’s also an area rich in history especially driving over the Rio Grande and driving through Read More–>

Energizing Nutty Orange Smoothie

September 17, 2016

  I just took a week long trip down to Scottsdale and Santa Fe, and I gotta tell you, I was pooped!  I was trying to finish up a case study for my nutrition certification which had me up at 5am. I had some projects that I needed to get done at my day job, and, I was Read More–>

The BEST Protein Pancakes – Low Carb // Paleo

September 10, 2016

Here’s the thing about pancakes – they’re heavy, filling, and from a traditional sense, full of flours that provide zero nutritional value or energy. But aren’t they good???

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Sleep Routine

September 4, 2016
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Do you feel like there’s never enough time to get enough sleep or to make a proper breakfast? Now summer is ending, and winter is looming AND, for many of you, kiddies are off to school.  So, our sleep is about to change!  Hey, I’ve got 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Sleep Routine TODAY!!