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The BEST Protein Pancakes – Low Carb // Paleo

September 10, 2016

Here’s the thing about pancakes – they’re heavy, filling, and from a traditional sense, full of flours that provide zero nutritional value or energy. But aren’t they good???

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Sleep Routine

September 4, 2016
PicMonkey Image

Do you feel like there’s never enough time to get enough sleep or to make a proper breakfast? Now summer is ending, and winter is looming AND, for many of you, kiddies are off to school.  So, our sleep is about to change!  Hey, I’ve got 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Sleep Routine TODAY!!

Just Peachy Chia Pudding

August 21, 2016

Oh geez my friends, I got my husband hooked on this recipe! He’s already a lover of my classic chia pudding but add in one of his favourite fruit (peaches), and now he won’t leave me alone.  “Can you please make that peach chia pudding?”.  “I really love that peach chia pudding”.  “We have to Read More–>

2016 Summer Favourites List (Part 2) – Collagen / Detox Tea / Protein Powder

August 21, 2016

I’m back with all my favourite products that I was introduced to or loving this summer!  We’ve got a supplement to support digestive health and to improve the health of your skin, hair and nails (it’s also a bulletproof coffee / fat fuelled coffee favourite!).  A detox tea that tastes so delicious that you won’t Read More–>

7 Steps To Create Your Own Personal Wellness Program

August 14, 2016
7 Steps Wellness

What I have learned in my own wellness journey is that only I can make the changes that will impact my health.  It is my choice to pick up that candy bar.  It is my choice to make a nutritious smoothie every morning.  It is definitely my choice if I choose to surf Instagram versus Read More–>

Ditch The Artificial Sweeteners With These Healthier Options (Plus, a PUR Gum Review)

August 7, 2016

I was on a road trip with my husband last week. Our original plan this week was for me to work half of the week and then run up to Whistler for the remainder to celebrate my 4 year wedding anniversary with James. But, things quickly changed as my Mother-in-law was suddenly hospitalized and we spent a few Read More–>

2016 Summer Favourites List (Part One)

July 24, 2016
Favourites List

It’s been a while… Since I’ve posted a favourites video!! So, I decided to do a two-part series on my favourites this summer.  Some are summer appropriate but seriously, most I just love ALL THE TIME!  So, here is my 2016 Summer Favourites List (Part One). {LINKS FOR ALL THE PRODUCTS ARE BELOW THE VIDEO AND Read More–>